Exploring Parts of Denver With Vermillion Road

Vermillion Road happens to be an awesome band from the Denver area of Colorado. With such a recent influx of people there, and myself (Sean Gonzalez)  being a native as well, we wanted to collaborate on the best parts of Denver to explore, especially for incoming bands on tour. Take a good read as we discuss some of the highlights of the city and check out their newest single, “Gasoline.”

VR: Denver is such an amazing city to play music in – there’s so much talent here and all of the bands support each other! We’re also lucky to have the support of local radio stations like KTCL 99.3. It’s changing a lot with all of the people and businesses moving in to our state, but it still keeps its small-town feel compared to other large cities, although traffic can be a nightmare!

SG: Traffic is insane in the city. it’s always important to plan for added time just in case there is traffic around I-25 (the main highway). Local music seems to be in boom as well, with plenty of important places to play that definitely always try to have a local opener for a main show. I particularly love Lost Lake, Marquis, Globe Hall & Summit. They also have great food places either in the venue or surrounding. Can’t beat that!

VR: Marquis Theater, Larimer Lounge and Lost Lake are a few of the great places we like to catch local bands as well as touring/national acts. The 16th Street Mall always has something going on and touring bands are sure to hit up all of the dispensaries when in town. For local and touring bands that need a rehearsal space, RocketSpace Studios on Larimer is always popular!

SG: The 16th Street Mall is a hilarious place in the middle of the day. There are always people doing something down there, with plenty of awesome (and some great local) shops to visit. If this is too in the way of downtown and stressful to find parking, definitely check out South Broadway. Local coffee shops, thrift stores and awesome food venues (like Sputnik) are everywhere, and I always take friends down here if I have the time. Grandma’s House is a brewery that has board games and old school video game systems and feels exactly like a grandma’s house should.

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