Fear of a Queer Planet: Cemetery Girl Want you to Punch Everyone in the Face

Interview with the band

Lexi(she/her)- Vocals


A queer, Insane Clown Posse-inspired hardcore powerhouse from Detroit with a post gender-ethos and some insane riffs. This timeline might be apocalyptic, but at least it brought us this. 

“A lot of our lyrical themes are about, like, just being queer in America and how that shit sucks, trans rights, anti-capitalist, pretty out-and-out Marxist,” Cemetery Girl vocalist Lexi explains. “They’re kind of tongue-in-cheek; there’s a lot of humor in them, but it comes off more seriously in the delivery.” 

Cemetery Girl note that they’ve been getting a good reception from their very first show, especially among the younger generation. The band are closer to the millennial age range, like myself, but like in many cities, some of the most rabid hardcore fans that have shown up for the scene, and are also members of the queer community, are all gen z. 

“There was a kid a week ago that made, like, a homemade patch,” adds bassist Seth. “There was another kid who got a tattoo of a logo that Lexi made for Instagram. I’ve been in the scene since I was, like, 18 around different parts of Michigan, and it’s so wild to see all of these young, queer kids have a spot to feel more welcome than in some of these cis, male-dominated spaces. Seeing a bunch of people beating the shit out of each other to our songs is one of the most rewarding and crazy things I’ve ever had happen to me creatively.” 

“Yeah, there’s a really great queer music scene here, a lot of cool shit happening, and a lot of really great bands, but there’s not, like a ton of bands that people can beat the shit out of each other too,” says Lexi about the lack of hardcore in the local queer community, and vice versa. And then there’s always stray people in the crowd that look uncomfortable with us. We have this intro that Zackmade that just says ‘faggot’ a bunch of times on loop, and middle-aged straight dudes are always just like, ‘Oh, can we say it again?’”

For that reason, Cemetery Girl have made it their life’s work to keep the queerness in hardcore and the hardcore in queerness. 

“Lexi and I talked a lot when we started the band about what direction the band was going to take, and the thing that we really wanted from these songs and from our shows was to make sure that the younger queer kids, queer people in general, but specifically the younger queer kids, understand that, we want you to be your most violent self. You don’t need to be afraid of guys that look like me or any of those tough dudes. You come to these shows, you knock their fucking teeth out, and make the room your own. We’re going to be up there on stage telling you every step of the way that we want you here, and you’re supposed to be here.”

“I’m 25, and I feel like a lot of the older generation of queer people, their whole ethos and motive has been lost trying to assimilate to straight society, but straight society is still just making monsters of us all,” concludes Lexi. “There’s still a long way to go, and shit’s just as bad if not worse for trans people than it was in the fucking ‘80’s. And liberals will look the other way because gay marriage is legal. I’m sick of people feeling like they have to try and fit in to straight-passing society because in this country, that ain’t happening unless there’s some major fucking change. So be a fucking monster. Seriously, they think we’re monsters anyway. Do it. Make them scared.” 

Cemetery Girl’s EP, WHO THE FUCK IS CEMETERY GIRL?, came out this past September. Stay tuned for more music and show dates from the band coming up. 

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Photo courtesy of Cemetery Girl 

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