Fest 12: New Noise Recommends

Here are some up and comers we recommend checking out at FEST!

Broadcaster | broadcasterny.bandcamp.com

This Long Island 3-piece making catchy 90’s college radio sing- along songs hit you right in your nostalgia bone. They’ve got the appeal of bands like Cheap Girls and The Thermals and, of course, throwbacks like Jawbreaker and Superchunk. They started out playing 90s covered and blossomed out beyond Gin Blossoms to their own songs and have been turning out solid releases ever since. If you’re feeling antsy and want to give them a listen before Fest, check out their latest release A Million Hours, recorded by J Robbins. (LR)

Silver Snakes | yearofthesnakes.com

Los Angeles- based Silver Snakes have shared the stage with a variety of different artists including HRVRD, Broadway Calls, Sainthood Reps, Defeater, Coheed & Cambria, Braid, Balance & Composure, Shiner, Touché Amore, and La Dispute. After playing FEST for the first time last year, the boys in Silver Snake have returned again to dish out a second helping with their new release Year Of The Snake coming out next year on Bridge Nine Records. (TS)

Jabber | jabberpop.bandcamp.com

Aaaah, Bay Area sweethearts. If fests elected homecoming queens, Danny Bailey would probably take every single crown. Their infectious pop punk sound runs through the same veins as Lipstick Homicide, The Mean Jeans, and Bad Cop Bad Cop, leaving your heart swollen. Prepare to be bobbing your head and screaming along while wearing a shit-eating grin. After just over one action packed a year after forming, this band is hitting Fest! (TS)

Diarrhea Planet | diarrheaplanet.bandcamp.com

Don’t be put off by the name guys… everybody poops. Diarrhea Planet is what the kids of Freaks and Geeks would be listening to if it were set in present time. Big arena rock bravado and hooks like Rush or Cheap Trick with four, count em four!, guitarists- one classically trained!! These guys play loud, rip solos with their teeth, and blast out Camaro driven butt rock with poppy hooks to balance it all out. Their live show is not one to miss. You won’t catch another band like this at FEST, I promise, and you will leave with a smile on your face. (LR)

Octaves | www.facebook.com/OctavesMD

With their new album, Which Way the Wind Blows out now on Bridge Nine Records, the dudes in Octaves hit the road on their way to FEST, including a stop for BBQ Fest in Georgia. Melodic hardcore in the vein of Botch, Pianos Become The Teeth and Dillinger Escape Plan, these guys are spastic and riffy in all the right ways, and well worth checking out. (LR)

Pale Angels | paleangelsband.bandcamp.com

Formed after a Nirvana cover set at FEST 10, Mikey Erg adds yet another outstanding band to his lengthy resume, only this time there’s no pop punk in sight. Loud, fuzzed out, grungy rock that has a Hüsker Dü -like guitar approach matched with a subtle layer of pop beneath the thundering, noisy foundation, these guys possess the same magic as early Dinosaur Jr. If this were 1993 A&R reps would be luring these guys in with the promise of being The Next Big Thing. Hopefully they’re ok with being responsible for one of the best albums of 2013 instead. (TH)

Tenement | tenement.bandcamp.com

Citing influences from Black Flag to Sam Cooke, Madison, WI’s Tenement will definitely beat your head against the wall and soothe you all in one set. Their diversity doesn’t fall from their name’s definition tree, meaning “a standard multi-family dwelling,” a place where different ideals and cultures tend to merge and become one. They’ve got the Midwestern mastery of poppy punk with edge and make a noise that’s all their own. They’ll probably also have some cool homemade shit for sale at their merch booth, too. (TS)

The Shell Corporation | theshellcorporation.bandcamp.com

Politically driven punk rock, The Shell Corporation can be seen performing in 1982 Bar at this year’s FEST. Tight musicianship and whip-smart songwriting, with mid-90s Epi/Fat style. They’ll be sliding across the US from California with comrades The Mighty Fine, who will also be playing. (TS)

FEST 12 is spotlighted in Issue #5 of New Noise Magazine!
Look for it at a record store near you, as well as at Fest 12!

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