Five Touring Tips With FACS

Chicago trio FACS recently released their new record Negative Houses on Trouble In Mind Records. The record opens with “Skylarking” and never stops combining dynamically interesting instrumentals together to create a sonically frantic sound. Guitars wind through the rhythmic bass lines, with the vocals creating a rather disruptive, bold presence. As the track continues each part of the instrumentals expand, blossoming into a beautifully dissonant four minute banger. “Houses Breathing” runs through an eight minute progression that is patient and creative, rolling through the drum lines with a tribal vibe. Within the track’s hypnotic is an eerie guitar track that clashes with the disgruntled vocals.

The new recored from FACS is an experience that contains plenty of vibe filled moods, like the slamming pace of “Exit Like You.” The snare drum snaps to a centralized beat while the guitars echo behind. Ending on “The Futures,” the song dives into a noise rock trance, leaving the listener dazed with such great syncopation.  With such a dazzling record, the trio is about to take it out on tour. New Noise Magazine is pleased to bring forth a guide to preparing for the tour by FACS.

Purchase Negative Houses here

1. Getting the merchandise in order is far more work than you want it to be. Design, getting everyone to agree on the design, ordering, wondering if anyone is going to buy this shit…..annoying but necessary.

2. Social media is such a big part of touring these days that I try and make a few flyers before we leave that I can post quickly. My phone is so broken that capturing anything spontaneous / beautiful / hilarious is out of the question so I need to plan ahead.

3. We’re trying to figure out how to make each show have a specific mood and feel. Our friend Meg who’s a lighting designer gave us these old theater cans. We’re going to borrow a hazer from our friend Nick (radical video synth artist) and see if we can get something moody and striking happening on stage. We can’t really test this until the shows are happening so it could get Spinal Tap pretty quick.

4. These are the perfect books for tour, easy to read and fun to talk about together. It’s good to get in your own head for a few hours every day.

5. Joe from SUUNS and I are going to only play Smiths songs between bands at the shows we do together. We haven’t told our band mates yet so it’s up in the air exactly how it will shake out but I’ve been preparing.

FACS Tour Dates:
5.20.18 Toronto ON Smiling Buddha Bar
5.21.18 Montreal QC Casa Del Poplol
5.22.18 Boston MA Great Scott *
5.23.18 Brooklyn NY Elsewhere *
5.24.18 Washington DC Union Stage *
5.25.28 Philadelphia PA Boot & Saddle *
5.26.28 Pittsburgh PA Club Cafe *
5.27.18 Cleveland OH The Foundry *
5.29.18 Detroit MI El Club *
5.31.18 Indianapolis IN The Hi-Fi *
6.01.18 Louisville KY Zanzibar *
6.02.18 Cincinnati OH MOTR Pub

! with DIM
* with SUUNS

Top photo by Zoran Orlic

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