Five Touring Tips With Phantastic Ferniture

Yes, you read that name correct, Phantastic Ferniture. This trio is composed of Julia Jacklin, Elizabeth Hughes, and Ryan K Brennan and is making strides across the industry with their two singles, “Fucking ‘n’ Rollin” & “Gap Year.” The three artists are known for their solo projects, but decided to combine their artistic integrity into a hazy, psychedelic trance like project with an odd spelling. If the project sounds like it was birthed at a bar, that’s because it was and each member’s raw talent shines in the swirling melodies that latch forever in your brain.

The Phantastic Ferniture record is out on July 27th via Polyvinyl Records.

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1. Like a new parent take naps whenever you can. Being awake is fun but when you have weeks on end of late nights and early mornings, if you don’t want to look and feel like the walking dead, naps are important.

2. Make a real effort to move your body whenever you can. You can get really fixated on waiting for a time when you can ‘properly’ exercise, but that doesn’t really come very often. You can end up feeling like a stiff crumpet if you don’t make the effort. Could just be stretching after soundcheck or doing star jumps at immigration. Just squeeze it in.

3. Try not to buy chips at every servo you visit because otherwise you will be eating at least 3 bags of chips per day.

4. Try and break the ice early on with the support band or the band you’re supporting. Otherwise you can spend weeks just saying, “hey, great set! Have a good drive tomorrow!”

5. Take a plug for the bath. A lot of hotels seem to do this torturous thing where they have a bath tub but don’t provide a plug. So you get all pumped about soaking in some hot water after a gig only to be told by the staff that they don’t provide plugs. Which is just a crime.

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