Five Touring Tips With The Wrecks

Ah, the joys of tour. It’s an awesomely hellish lifestyle that is full of unexpected glories and confusing turns, but it is one way musicians on the road earn an actual income. For The Wrecks, their journeys seem to keep growing more in terms of excitability and experience. After having just been on the road with The Maine and New Politics, the band is raring to keep 2018 hot. In February they released their EP Panic Vertigo, which has stunningly bold alt-rock tracks like “Revolution” and “James Dean.” The latter song just had a video release, creating a visual aesthetic to the cataclysmic chord crashes.

Take a look at the video for “James Dean” below. More importantly, The Wrecks have dropped off a few hints to help survive the life of the rock and roll touring band with these five tips!

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Tip 1: Drink what seems to be an excessive amount of water until you have to pee all the time.

Tip 2: To minimize your loss of important items, always put your stuff back into your backpack in the green room. Otherwise, you hereby forfeit said items to the black hole of the venue.

Tip 3: Be nice to venue staff. They help make the show go round. Being snobby or acting too cool just looks lame. Maybe they’ll give you more water or booze if you’re nice too.

Tip 4: Explore! Try to get out and walk around the city that you’re in for the day instead of sitting in the venue on your phone… SEE THE WORLD!

Tip 5: Flippy Flops. If the venue you’re playing has showers, I highly recommend taking advantage of that. Always have a pair of shower flops with you because there are mysterious things your feet will be soaking in if you don’t…

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