Fritz Montana, Or How We Learned to Stop Bickering and Record An Album

A Memoir by Kevin Logan

After an entire week holed up in The Panda Studios (, Fritz Montana is happy to announce they have finished recording their second EP. The bad boy will have SEVEN NEW songs and will be produced by Ryan “Rings” Ellery- it will be available to listen for free through our websites/Spotify as soon as our production is finished!

We made some shocking discoveries while recording at Panda: Matthew is an audacious cheater at NHL ’14, Rings wears a ring on every finger but his right thumb, Kevin’s hair is fickle to cut if you’re not a professional, and David drank his third cup of coffee…ever. While these discoveries may seem trivial, they acted as a necessary cohesive for our band to come together, put aside Matt’s rampart cheating at a video game, and do something all four of us have done our whole lives: make music.

Want some advice on how to make your next album? Here’s a tip for free: choose the right studio for your band. It’s amazing how much a difference Panda Studios (lead by the incorrigible Sam Pura) made in our recording process. Their technical prowess alone was nothing short of amazing- but it’s their ability to make sure every band they work with is as comfortable as possible. The atmosphere at Panda Studios is on another level: once you visit the studio once, you’re a lifetime friend (and fan, in our case).

In conclusion, we just want to thank Panda Studios for showing us a great week, Rings for being an incredible producer, and to all the fans for giving us the motivation to keep making music. If you’re itching for some good ‘ol Fritz Montana in action: our next show is this Friday, January 24th at the Blank Club in downtown San Jose! If you’re around, please feel free to stop by- just don’t challenge Matt to NHL ’14…

Kevin Logan, David Marshall, Matthew Hagarty, and Ryan Ellery post-recording.
Kevin Logan, David Marshall, Matthew Hagarty, and Ryan Ellery post-recording. Photography by Brian Delumpa Imagery

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About Fritz Montana:

Fritz Montana is a San Francisco based blues/indie rock trio formed in early 2013.

Their story begins amidst the backdrop of the late 90′s- boy bands were in control, Clinton was romping in the White House, and Leonardo DiCaprio was slipping into the abyss of the Atlantic Ocean.
With a pocketful of ambition and a long road to puberty, three young men took it upon themselves to dedicate their lives to the betterment of American Music. Unbeknownst to these young men, they would later meet, drink some beer, and write songs that would influence the course of history and change the face of rock music forever.

Makin’ waves and takin’ names, Fritz Montana exists to disrupt the status quo, challenge authority, and make some damn fine music. Get to know the guys:

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