Fun In The Sun Friday with Alive & Well

2016’s Fun In The Sun Friday column features people involved in music coming forward and sharing their summer playlists (see past playlists here). This week we invite Alive & Well to share their summer playlist with us.

The band comments on their favorite track:

“I’d say the best summer song on this list would be Alkaline Trio’s ‘Radio’. This song always reminds me of backyard hangouts and basement parties back in Pennsylvania. A perfect song to party hard to, or to just hang around a fire with some buds. You can never go wrong with radio.”

About Alive & Well:

Stemming from San Diego, the pop punk/rock band, Alive and Well consist of Matt Vernon, Eric Brozgold, and Mike Mule. Originating as an acoustic project, founding member Matt Vernon started playing music at a very young age and continued to perform and play well through college where he was classically trained in Jazz and Classical Trombone. But it was at the end of High School that Matt got a real taste of the music industry to which drove him to pursue his career further. Post College, Matt formed Alive and Well, a new venture to provide a creative outlet for his dramatic changes he was making in his life. After several years performing under the moniker, Matt joined forces with Mike and Eric to reform the newest rendition of Alive and Well to its form today. Matt realized the songs leant themselves to a larger orchestration and members were added from the local scene. Over the years the band built quite the following by playing shows alongside heavy-hitters like Light Years, Driver Friendly, Such a Mess, Head North, and A Will Away and self-produced their first EP, The Escapism Sessions.

Their sophomore EP, From Basement To Beaches, was engineered and mixed by Beau Burchell (Saosin) at The Cottage, and mastered by Alan Douches at West Side Music. The EP is a concept album about addressing a problem in your life and working hard to resolve it. The overall message is to have a positive and determined attitude about your life. As told by Matt, “Bad things will happen, you’ll have to encounter heartbreak, death, and tragedy and you’ll have to move through it.”

Alive & Well
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