Guest Column: Jimmy Montague Gives Us His Top 10 Albums of the Year

Jimmy Montague has a new album coming out next year called Tomorrow’s Coffee and recently released a single for the album called “All the Same” which features a guest appearance from Fake Problems frontman and solo punk superstar Chris Farren.

To close out the year, Montague put together a list of his top 10 albums of 2023. The problem is, Montague is a bit indecisive and couldn’t decide on which album would be number one. So check out Jimmy Montague’s list with his 10-way tie for album of the year.

1. Greg Mendez – Greg Mendez

in what feels like a haunting extension of the hymnal tunes on The Only Reason I Feel Secure, Greg found a way to escape the elliott smithism pitfalls of solo acoustic music and nail a very comfortable yet eerie pocket of music. A Clearer Picture Of You stood out to me as one of my favorite songs of the year. Incredible album of unassuming and deliberately and meticulously pretty songs. 

1. Spiritual Cramp – Spiritual Cramp

I was beyond relieved the Clash/Dub elements survived when they got to this release, makes me feel like im in the car with sol and vinny on the way to stick up the bookies. Slick Rick is the track, I fucking love this band. no fucking about, they deliver. Strict Diet Big Muscles Dont Care Who Ya Are. 

1. Dazy – Otherbody

There’s so much of this that for some reason reminds me of some of the slept on Harrison songs. Like if Its All Too Much had gotten a fair shake from the lads come recording time. All these tunes get right to the goddamn point. In a super hard toss up, Im gonna go with Peel as the track. You can drive a car very very fast to this song, and to me, thats the best a song can be.

1. Slaughter Beach, Dog – Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling

I love the risks he continues to take as an arranger. At The Moonbase was uncharted territory for him and marked a pretty big pivot in sound. He’s leaning a bit into the Billy Joel arena and when you take a step back and let it wash over you, its just pretty big undeniably well composed tunes. My Sister In Jesus Christ is a perfect song right down to every lick across every instrument. 

1. Hurry – Don’t Look Back

Man, some of these vocal melodies feel so right that you wanna place them but you just cant. They belong to that song. Little Brain has been my favorite track on this, it obviously comes out swinging like oasis but that hook is like a slow-downed Hagar era Halen. like fuckin Dreams. I know everyone hates hagar but that shit is undeniable. Who knows how Matt will take that. Who cares, its great. Just messaged him, he said “i’m a big van hagar guy, and i like to party” – Matt Scottoline 2023

1. Chris Farren – Doom Singer

Chris has been an inspiration since he came across my radar, not only in music but in the way he presents himself and markets himself and puts 1000% of himself into what he believes in (himself). He magnanimously featured me on piano in Death Dont Wait, and even threw down on my single All The Same. This year he put out the violently powerful song Get Over U on Doom Singer, and every day i pray for more Chris Farren. This song and this record is unabashedly rock and roll. 

1. MS Paint – Post American

Filed under: Songs that make me feel like im doing Smash n Grabs in a Guy Ritchie montage where I get freezeframed, digitally pixelated and a silly nickname slams down on the screen. Seeing MS Paint a number of times this year has solidified them as one of my favorite acts i’ll have gotten to see in my time in music. This record fucking rules and everyone always tries to pick the most obscure song for their favorite but damned if Hardwired aint the goddamn track baby. 

1. Ratboys- The Window

One of the earliest tours I did as a young kid was with The Most doing merch, and we had a couple shows with Ratboys. they stayed in our insane rickety church mansion in Naugatuck, CT, we played a couple shows in chicago and stayed at their places, have crossed paths many times since. Its been awesome to see them grow as a band and to check in on all their music over the years. Not only has Marcus’s drumming gotten more dialed and instantly recognizable, the band has reached for new palettes in their arrangements that have set this record a notch above. Black Earth, WI is the track baby let it ride. 

1. Sinai Vessel – Secret LP4 Im Not Supposed To Do This But Who Cares

I don’t know when Caleb’s actually putting this out but I got the advance sometime ago and have routinely scrolled our dm’s to get the link and keep it in rotation. my buddy ronnie from Posture & The Grizzly has always been a Sinai Vessel fan and turned me onto them over the years. 2 Million is going to remain a tune I wish i had the fuckin stones to write. Stripped but not Bare, it relies on that backbeat and leans in so hard. Top song. 

1. Taking Meds – Dial M for Meds

Because Fuck You, thats why. 

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