Helping YOU Prepare For This Is My Fest 3: Craig Billmeier of The Love Songs

It’s the beginning of September and that means that This Is My Fest 3 is right around the corner! For those of you that have not heard of the This Is My Fest, the event is a weekend-long punk festival that will place in Oakland, California from September 15 – September 18, 2016 in different clubs all over the city.

So we invited members of bands who are playing the TIM Fest this year to create a playlists that consist only of songs by other bands playing the festival to help attendees get prepared for it. And if you can’t make it out to Oakland this year, you might just find your next favorite band!

Tickets for TIM Fest 3 and all of the other information you need can be found here and get the latest updates by following the event’s Facebook page.

Our last comes from Craig Billmeier of The Love Songs. Here is what Craig had to say about the event and the songs he chose:

Good evening,
My name is Craig and I *sing* in The Love Songs, another loud, riff-y, short-attention-spanned band from Oakland. We are excited to be part of TIM Fest this year because, well, duh… Look at all those awesome bands!  We have been around for 15 years and for most of that time we’ve had a hard time finding likeminded bands, particularly of the more melodic ilk.  So to have so many converge in one place at one time is vindicating and exciting.  Furthermore, and coincidentally, three members of The Love Songs were in a band called This is My Fist some years ago so this seems serendipitous.
1) Spanish Love Songs
I have to hand it to these guys… When we both turned in our band name applications to the Committee To Determine Band Names there was some obvious conflict.  We were both called Love Songs but like the Belgians and French before them (think “Belgian waffles, or “French toast”) they took the high road and added the qualifier “Spanish” leaving us the more economical “Love Songs”. Of course, searching for “love songs” on the internet is like searching for “fail videos” or “celebrity nudes” – you’ll be two million search results deep before you find the one thing you’re looking for – so we recently added the “The” which believe me, has made all “The” difference in “The” world!

2) Long Knives
Guitar parts that make me want to sit down and try to figure out what they’re playing. Great vocal harmonies. They’re not afraid to slow it down when called for.  Solid band and solid songwriting.

3) Heartless Folk
Possibly the angriest-sounding band on the bill this year.  They do a great job of making you think they’re not melodic but nice try, ya’ll, I can tell there are Jawbreaker and Radon records somewhere in your collection.

4) beast
Coming at this whole pop punk thing from a very different angle.  Pornography-era The Cure playing Buzzcocks?  Joy Division playing Christian Death?  Whatever it is thesis fun, colorful and challenging all at the same time.

5) Under 15 Seconds
Songs over in less time than it takes to read the song titles.

(Dishonorable mention)
6) The Love Songs
Self-promotion! Desperate ploy! Look at me! Look at me!
This is what we sound like when we playing this song:

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