Helping YOU Prepare For This Is My Fest 3: Curtiss Lopez of The Shell Corporation

It is nearing the end of August and that means that This Is My Fest 3 is a little under a month away! For those of you that have not heard of the This Is My Fest. The event is a weekend-long punk festival that will place in Oakland, California from September 15 – September 18, 2016 in different clubs all over the city.

So we invited members of bands who are playing the TIM Fest this year to create a playlists that consist only of songs by other bands playing the festival to help attendees get prepared for it. And if you can’t make it out to Oakland this year, you might just find your next favorite band!

Tickets for TIM Fest 3 and all of the other information you need can be found here and get the latest updates by following the event’s Facebook page.

Our playlist comes from Curtiss Lopez of The Shell Corporation. Here is what Curtiss had to say about the event and each of the songs he chose:

There’s a bunch of bands playing Timfest that are rad that I know I’m overlooking. But for the most part, I just listen to Tom Petty and Taylor Swift all day, so here’s the songs I genuinely know and like.
Onward and Upward,
Curtiss and The Shell Corporation

These guys are one of the more underrated bands in punk, not to mention awesome dudes. Their 1st album was cool, but this one really feels like they got their songwriting legs under them. I think this was the 1st song they released to promote “White Knuckles” and I remember thinking “this is a pretty darn good song” then it gets to minute two and they start screaming “Somebody take my home!” and my nuts dropped and sprouted hair.

There’s something so likable about this band. Like the rest of us, they wear their influences plainly on their sleeves, but they’ve managed to carve out this fun, original sound that way more people need to hear. This song always sticks out to me at their shows. It feels very heartfelt and reminds me what I love about the punk scene. On the other hand, it pisses me off to no end that the singer can sing and play drums at the same time and the guitarist is 100 times better than I’ll ever be. So I take it back, fuck them and their talent right in the ass. Fucking kids these days and their music.

Fantastic jams, fantastic dudes. I feel like people are starting to take notice of this band and its well deserved. This is one of those bands that from day one was a big popular band to me. It’s just a matter of time before everyone catches up and realizes that. Any song off this album could be chosen so I’ll just do the title track. Lazy of me? Maybe, but I got shit to do and Doom 2016 aint gonna play itself.

To me this band shines acoustically. Don’t get me wrong, they are a hell of a band electrically. But there’s something about Sam’s voice that really feels potent when you hear the years of smoke and drink he has put down that pie hole of his. Like a punk rock Tom Waits, there’s a lot of history that comes through in that grit that gets lost when he’s drowned out by electric guitars.

These guys were always a solid band, but they found their sound with this album. With the best parts of old Alkaline Trio and 90s era bay area punk, this album reminds me of being a kid and wanting to leave suburbia to move to the East Bay. I picked this song mainly cause the video makes me jealous. I always wanted to be the one to recreate the Rancid “Hyena” video. I would shave my remaining hair into a mohawk, rent a legit squat and pretend we all don’t have 401k’s for one glorious afternoon. The dream is dead.

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