Henrietta Tour Diary #1

Photos by Colin Czerwinski

Once again, road warrior Sean Gonzalez has taken the offer to tour for a third time in five months. This time, Henrietta will be the vessel for him to test the summer heat and streamline it all the way to the west coast. Stay tuned.


The sweet sound of music. It is rightfully one of the few things that has kept me moving the past however many years. I feel a natural calm to my nerves as I listen to my favorite songs, and that swift sweep of relaxation hit immediately as Henrietta dove into “Paper Wings.” The song’s soft guitars crescendo behind an eruption of dynamics; big guitars, wrapping drum parts and a chug on the bass. I felt the tense knots in my shoulder work themselves out, I believe I sank into the earth. It’s always good to hear the music, but for Henrietta I am positive the same feeling happens when they start playing. It’s their unique catharsis, crafted through their ability to craft emotionally charged songs into quick punches of tranquil peace.

After loads of different kinds of traveling (plane, bus, and van) Henrietta moved past the first show and into Tennessee. Thanks to Caleb (Sinai Vessel) and George for putting us up for a few days and showing us a unique place to swim. It is always fun to include nature into the day, especially water. It’s a therapeutic release to sit back, staring off in the distance of the wonderful creation surrounding your head. One of the best parts of the tour experience is the constant friendships that are built (or have been built) beyond the norm. The laughter is organic, the conversation quick paced and the bonds are strong. These are people that have burrowed their way into the roots of the underground, providing their all for the better of half of a decade. A lot of years of D.I.Y. touring are brewed into Henrietta’s existence, making friends with cool artists. We involve ourselves just to hope the future continues to be amazing.

This constant support is the reason things keep spinning. This is part of the framework we keep rebuilding with every show. It is also the support that keeps bands like Henrietta digging through themselves every show. Their music continues to reach audiences ears, force them to move and be drawn in.

Henrietta play very much like a sitcom, or maybe that’s too many times I have watched episodes of Seinfeld, The Gilmore Girls, Friends and The Golden Girls. Eddie is composed, thought out; playing bass with a steady posture. Manny packs punches, not only in the energy behind the voice but the ‘ready to talk’ attitude. Colin is constantly looking for new angles to see life; piecing together guitar riffs that dip into the overall melody of the music. John has a steady foundation, ready for the wit to take root in a joke; not afraid to change the pace with roaming drum textures. I could be making all of this up, or I could be taking this metaphor to another dimension. Everyone has each other’s back, are willing to listen. It’s nothing but steady sailing from here on out.

Two days in Tennessee, a slathering of gorgeous sights, many gallons of water drank and different sects of music have been heard. I was standing in the house listening to the acoustic act Jim West when I realized how polarizing tour can be. At one there is the ultimate height of the best ‘day job’ ever and at the other the crippling uncertainty of anything. What is certain, however outlandish it may seem, is that that sweet sound of music has been heard.

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