Henrietta Tour Diary #3

Photos by Colin Czerwinski

You know that feeling when you’re on top of a giant building and everything below looks like the tiniest speck of dust? At times, tour feels exactly like that. The rest of the world continues on in a day to day, zombie like routine while Henrietta moves place to place; forever being a tiny influence in a vast city. There’s always one conversation that gets brought up on each tour; and that is what your friends or people you know from back home are doing. As we have driven past places I knew people from, it occurred to me how many of them are still grinding through their life while I sit idling between state borders, stand in crowds of people I don’t know or write words about things they may never see. These conversations are like the dinner conversations one had with mom and pop, wondering how the day was or what’s the latest news around the town.

Henrietta spent the last remaining days in the midwest, hopping from major city to major city, breathing through lengthier drives with incredible steadiness. Chicago to Minneapolis, Minneapolis to Fargo, Fargo to Ames, Ames to Denver. A collective 28 hours of van time within a matter of four days. That being said, every stop has offered us a great venue with attentive individuals who care about music. It’s even greater when a participant makes it known how much they enjoy the music. I can see the relief in every member of Henrietta’s eyes during moments like that. Maybe it’s not even relief, it’s that feeling and look one has when someone cares. It can be tough driving six hours to play a show where the outcome is unknown, but more often we have been provided with great. After those long hours spent huddled in a van, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear and see positive feedback. Shoutout to Mariah and Michael from Minneapolis, Jack from Fargo, and the members of Arizona Landmine and Stars Hollow in Ames (and Donna).

Arriving in Denver meant that I had a few hours to catch up at home. This was the first time on any tour I had the ability to refresh from the road. It was much needed for my own mental state. Nothing beats being around for your sister’s birthday (I have no clue how that worked out perfectly) and sitting on the couch diving into a healthy chunk of the old routine. I can’t wait to be apart of Henrietta’s homecoming show, which will also the first time I have been apart of that feeling. It will be nice to see that same face of relief as they are visited by the same loved ones who have been in full support for the last four years of road life.

Before that, however, Henrietta and I have miles to go through the West Coast. I have never been out west on a tour, but from what I remember from The Oregon Trail, making it is only part of the experience. When your feet touch ground and you can stare at all the miles you’ve put behind you, you’ve reached a goal. Everything in between is incredible memories with even more incredible people. Henrietta will be seeing you soon, Pacific Ocean.

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