Interview: We Too, Will Fade’s EP Everything Falls Apart as It Should, Track-by-Track

Munich’s melodic hardcore outfit We Too, Will Fade, have released their sophomore EP. Picking up where 2019’s Enough left off, the intense and dazzling Everything Falls Apart as It Should is out now on Midsummer Records.

The new 3-track is short but packed with poignancy; the social criticism allayed by the band’s soothing and atmospheric tones. EFAAIS showcases a rich and melodic brand of post-hardcore, splashed with notes of emo and post-rock.

Listen to all of Everything Falls Apart as It Should below and keep scrolling for a track-by-track break down with the band:

Interview conducted over email on February 10, 2021.

My Dying Friend
As an opener of our new release, we wanted some sort of a transition from our previous EP Enough to our new material. “My Dying Friend” is a song which was written in the Enough-times. With our new line up we took the existing song and changed some parts, added some melodies, and perfected it to the current shape. My Dying Friend talks about the doubt of a long-lasting relationship and especially the loss of love for a significant someone due to growing apart. All of us identified with this experience and felt that the phrase “My Dying Friend” is a good metaphor for this unfortunate feeling.

I Tried My Best
This is the first song which was written from scratch with our newest members. We derived influences from artists such as Modern Error, Gatherers or Turnover and were set to explore new sounds. We were lucky to have so many great people helping us putting this together, especially the singalong part of the song. Lyrically the song is about the things we don’t want to talk about or find uncomfortable to address. It is about the state of Limbo that governs our daily life and about finding a way to solve internal conflicts, by addressing them.

Everything Falls Apart As It Should
The title track of the EP is something very unique and special to us. The main acoustic guitar part has been there for several years now, however it all came together and made sense in mere seconds once the words Everything Falls Apart As It Should were said out loud the very first time.
We knew we wanted a softer, more ambient come-down after the two roaring tracks, but the subtle social criticism was unexpectedly introduced while recording vocals for it. It is a broken home, a place you have to go back to with a certain unease. But it is our, your home.

Photo courtesy of We Too, Will Fade.

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