Jaya the Cat Names Bands They’ve Come Across On The Road & Enjoyed

“Hey! My name is Karl and I play guitar for a band called Jaya the Cat. I have compiled a short list of bands that I feel should be championed and although its been ridiculously difficult to choose I have narrowed it down to 7 bands that we have come across along the touring road and I feel you will enjoy if you are fans of Jaya the Cat.

#1 The Skints

They’re a 4 piece punk/reggae band from London and one of the tightest/most talented bands out there in my opinion. Highly advise checking these guys out.

#2 The TiPS

Hailing from Dusseldorf, this 3 piece have huge riffs and catchy tunes. These guys have been on tour with us many times and its always a drunken pleasure. They’re joining us on 3 dates of our upcoming album release tour so come along and check them out. FUN FACT – The bass player Faf has my face tattooed on his leg.

#3 Captain Accident

Super fun summer time reggae and very good friends of ours. Adam Parsons (singer/guitarist) has done guest vocals on numerous Jaya albums and also on our side project Complicated Men of Leisure too. These guys are doing most of our UK tour dates with us in December which we are very excited about.

#4 Mr Shiraz

For those of you lusting for more of a kick in the groin by some nasty punk rock veterans, check out Mr Shiraz. A 5 Piece band from my hometown, Huddersfield. FUN FACT – Many moons ago I used to play guitar for these guys but since then they have gotten much better musicians involved and have just released a bodacious new EP called Mountains of Kong.

#5 Jeremiah Ferrari

A 4 Piece reggae band from Manchester. This is a band that I don’t know personally and although I’ve never seen them live, I’ve heard great things and they have a big sound. Hopefully one day we will play some shows together!

#6 Bar Stool Preachers

These guys know how to party and are fantastic live. Add some catchy as fudge tunes and you have all the ingredients to have a messy night. These guys are playing some of our Album release dates with us also! (If you haven’t guessed by now we like to take our friends out on tour with us)

#7 Complicated Men of Leisure

This band consists of Matt Crosher (ex-Random Hand), Geoff (Jaya The Cat), Jaap (Jaya The Cat) and myself. Me and Matt made this band to actually try to rip off Jaya but then got Geoff and Jaap involved which inevitably was the reason I ended up getting kidnapped by Jaya. We have a mini album out and its super fun, summer time reggae with overly honest words about drunken mistakes and other obscenities.

Jaya the Cat’s latest album A Good Day For The Damned is being released this Friday, November 17th through Bomber Music. You can purchase the album here.

Check out the band’s music video for “Amsterdam” below.

Jaya the Cat Tour Dates:
Nov. 15 – Leipzig (GER) – Felsenkeller
Nov. 16 – Munich (GER) – Backstage
Nov. 17 – Stuttgart (GER) – Hallschlag
Nov. 18 – Amsterdam (NL) – Melkweg
Dec. 05 – London (UK) – The Underworld
Dec. 06 – Huddersfield (UK) – The Parish
Dec. 07 – Newcastle (UK) – Think Tank!
Dec. 08 – Bradford (UK) – The Underground
Dec. 09 – Edinburgh (UK) – Smash
Dec. 10 – Bristol (UK) – Xmas Ska Fest @ The Fleece

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