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New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the video premiere of “Crazy” by Kill The Ideal. Not only is there a stunning new video from this larger than life alternative rock band, but their self-titled EP is being explored and explained by the band members! The appeal of this group lies in their ability to garnish steady melodies with powerful lyrics and explosive vocal deliveries. The drum snaps the beats together with strength, not afraid to take charge and surge the band into the next progression. Across Kill The Ideal there are moments of electrifying energy and intense reflection. It’s a mature glance at life that breathes with a unique synergy and familiarity. Read about Kill The Ideal’s dynamic EP with this track by track and make sure to view the hook heavy music video for “Crazy.”

Kill The Ideal self-titled EP – Recorded and produced by Ben Sansom (Lower Than Atlantis)
Band Members: Ash Wilson (Vocals/guitar), Luke Farmer (bass), Jordan Bell (Drums)

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‘Dangerous!’ started out on my old acoustic. The melody came first and then the lyrics. I find when I’m writing, the melody is the most important part to get down first then build everything else around it. I had it for a couple of months before I showed it to the boys and it instantaniously caught their attention. We worked hard on the music along with Ben LTA. The lyrics are based around when I was bullied in my earlier years, and you find it carries on into later life but in different forms.

The line “everytime I think about you I know what your gonna say” was about someone that use to put down everything and anything I said destroying my confidence. There comes a time when you think sod it! You are not going to talk to me like that and I don’t care what you or anybody else thinks. Its a great tune as we’ve had feedback from a lot of our fans saying how they relate to the lyrics and that for me means a lot. All in all a great track to play live! – Ash


‘Crazy’ was a tune that started out with me humming a melody, didnt have a clue where it was going to go. I took it to the lads and came up with the chorus lyrics. They loved it but couldnt quite figure out where it should go. After some time away from it I came up with the rough track, we played it but it didn’t quite have that KTI edge. I instead worked on the melody I had then wrote the lyrics. As time went on a past relationship came to mind and I remember us arguing about stupid things, and the bickering was just ridiculous to the point where we were arguing all the time but didn’t know why, hence the line “everytime I wake up, you don’t wanna make up”! At the time I hated it but when I think about it now it was quite funny, but the tune basically explains how we’re all driven crazy from time to time and how everyone else it definitely crazier than me ha ha.

We went to record it with Ben LTA and the song completely changed, it’s at this point when I got the riff locked down as Ben had the idea it needed to be edgier! Jordan and Luke really lock in and the chorus is so tight and punchy! Its really difficult to play live at the end when the riff kicks back but it pushes us all to new heights! I love the bass and drums in this one and the intro with Jordan just gets me pumped every time! – Ash

My Life

This track came to Jordan and I more or less fully formed, I believe most of the guitar parts and main melodies w/ chorus lyrics were finished in the time it took to play the song! A small reminder to us of Ash’s limitless potential. ‘My Life’ was the first track we recorded with Ben Sansom and also the first time we entered the world of production, adding in different instruments and sounds. We find that each time you listen to the track you hear something you’ve not noticed before. With a satisfying 6/8 groove and a progressive increase in intensity, this track is a personal highlight of our live set. Oh and let’s not forget the cowbell! – Luke


After working on a lot of upbeat heavier tracks we kept toying with the idea of writing a slower and more anthemic track. I remember Ash being excited about this lead guitar line that he had wrote and as soon as he brought it to the practice studio we immediately new this was that song. This track is slightly more chilled out than the rest of the EP and is a personal favourite for myself. I remember us making a conscious effort to run with the idea ‘less is more’ with this track especially in the verses. I feel like we really locked into each other with this one while trying to give the track plenty of space and time to breathe.

At 2 minutes 6 seconds we all come in together just after the guitar solo part and still to this day every time we play it live it sends a shiver down my spine. I absolutely love locking in with the lads at this point and seeing them rock out in-front of me live. – Jordan


For me ‘Indecisive’ is a track of two halves. The track completely changes moods at 1 minute 10 seconds. It goes from this upbeat pop track to a half time emotional chorus that is probably one of my personal favourite vocal melodies that Ash brought to us while writing the EP. This track really came alive while working in the studio with Ben. It’s the first track that we experimented hard with group gang vocals with, which are an absolute killer to play and sing live to. We introduced a call and response element that is completely different to anything we have ever worked on before. Compared to the rest of the tracks on the EP this has more pop elements towards it. Me and Luke loved the riff that Ash brought to us and worked hard to utilise this as a key part of our live set. It has a bounce to it and after playing it in our live set for the first time last year it has proven to be a real crowd pleaser. – Jordan

Know Your Name

From the first notes of this track we knew it would inevitably feature the more darker sounds of the EP. It’s the oldest song of them all and also the one which took the most re-working. Listening back through old demos from pracco this track definitely features more often than any other! Eventually we took a moment, stepped back, gathered our thoughts and the track became how we know it today. I think the lyrics are particularly relatable in this one and people can interpret them using their own experiences. Getting this track down in the studio reassured us that our quieter mid 2016 was well spent. – Luke

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