Kingdom Collapse’s Jonathan Norris Lists His Top 5 Workout Songs

The music in all of these songs fit my gym mood perfectly (heavy and aggressive). The lyrics are icing on the cake!

Killswitch Engage – “This Fire Burns”

I like the energy it has throughout the song. The lyrics are motivating.

Lamb of God – “Redneck”

The opening riff alone gets my blood flowing!

Hatebreed – “To The Threshold”

All of Hatebreed’s songs are good for the gym. Lyrically, this one keeps me motivated to squeeze in an extra rep.

P.O.D – “Mark My Words”

P.O.D has always been one of my favorite bands. This one hits hard!

The Ghost Inside – “Outlive”

The lyrics talk about staying on your own path, which encourages me to push through any obstacle I face. NO PAIN, NO GAIN!

Kingdom Collapse released Common Ground EP in January; you can purchase it on iTunes here. Also, check out their video for the song “Bottom Feeder” below.  |

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