Kings Destroy Fall Tour Food Diary 2014 Pt 1

By Guitarist Carl Porcaro

It started off rather simply with 4 styro cups of barely coffee and yogurt from the motel followed by some pumpkin seeds and a bottle of water from a gas station.

Things didn’t get serious until we rolled into Chicago and went straight to Kuma’s Corner for our first proper tour meal. Almost on cue when we sat down, the music changed from thrash to Pentagram and drink orders were taken. We found out that they had 3 Floyd’s Zombie Dust on tap. This is one of those beers like Pliny or Heady  Topper that is spoken of in hushed, reverent tones at beer geek events. We’d heard about it for a couple of years now and were stoked to try it. It lived up to the hype and we elected  not to stop at just one. It pairs delightfully well with the fried pickles I might add.

For the main course it was the Mastodon Burger. Delicous burger piled with fried onions, bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce (I ordered the sauce on the side).  My band mates on my right and my left had the Iron Maiden and the Goatsnake burgers. When you have a meal like this on tour it’s pretty much guaranteed to be your only meal of the day but we did manage to taste a few more beers at the venue, most notably one called Space Station Middle Finger, also from Three Floyds Brewing Co. All this was topped off with some cherry candies for desert.

Kings Destroy Tour Dates:
10/24 Minneapolis, MN – Mill City Nights w/Pentagram Radio Moscow, Bang
10/25 Grand Rapids, MI – Pyramid Scheme w/Pentagram, Radio Moscow, Bang
10/26 Lansing, MI – Avenue Cafe, w/ Beast in the Field, Cruthu, Hordes *
10/27 Cleveland, OH – House of Blues w/Pentagram, Radio Moscow, Bang
10/28 Pittsburgh, PA – Mr Smalls w/Pentagram, Radio Moscow, Bang
10/29 Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Soundstage w/Pentagram, Radio Moscow, Bang, The Pilgrim
10/30 Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brendas w/Pentagram, Radio Moscow, Bang
10/31 Burlington, VT – Arts Riot w/Pentagram, Blood Ceremony, Bang
11/1 New York, NY – Gramercy Theater w/Pentagram, Blood Ceremony, Bang
11/2 Providence, RI -The Met w/Pentagram, Radio Moscow, Bangw

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