Kings Destroy Fall Tour Food Diary 2014 Pt 3

By Guitarist Christopher Skowronski

Woke up in a hotel somewhere in Wisconsin. My day started with a bowl of Fruit Loops, a container of yogurt, and a banana, all procured from the free hotel “buffet.” The banana was basically green, so I ended up just stashing it in one of the seat pockets in our van. We headed out toward Grand Rapids for the next show, but needed to stop almost immediately for gas. I decided to give the rest stop coffee a shot, since the stuff back at the hotel was really bad. Turns out the rest stop coffee was worse. Weak, barely warm – just awful. I ended up tossing it after a few sips. We haven’t been able to get a decent cup of coffee since we left New York, and it seems the trend will continue.

After a few hours in the van, I was getting hungry, but we were on a tight schedule and weren’t due to stop. But I remembered that I’d bought a king size Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup at a late-night stop the night before, so I fished it out from the bottom of the seat pocket. It was good.

A few hours later, we stopped for gas and a bathroom break. It was past 3:00, and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so I was forced to make a decision: either get something from the rest stop, or hold off until we reached the venue at around 6:00. I went with the rest stop option. Two McDonald’s cheeseburgers and a Coke. I eat this kind of crap maybe three times a year, and always while touring. It always seems like an ok idea at the time – it’s quick, cheap, and you can eat it in the van. But it always makes me feel gross after I’ve eaten it, and this time was no exception.

For the last couple hours of the ride, we sampled some of the Olaf stout that the guys at Hammerheart Brewery were kind enough to give us. Then we sampled it some more. Soon, the growler was kicked. Good thing they gave us two others.

By the time we got to the venue, we had to load-in and sound check. No time to get anything else to eat before show time (you don’t want to go onstage after just having eaten), so I went hungry for the duration of the night. By the time Pentagram closed the show, I was starving. The only backstage fare was a large bag of tortilla chips, so I ate a few handfuls of those, and supplemented it with a piece of fine Wisconsin cheese that Rob had purchased the day before and which he’d kept on ice in the cooler. Not a particularly healthy or bountiful day of eating, but pretty representative of a typical day’s food on the road.

Kings Destroy Tour Dates:
10/28 Pittsburgh, PA – Mr Smalls w/Pentagram, Radio Moscow, Bang
10/29 Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Soundstage w/Pentagram, Radio Moscow, Bang, The Pilgrim
10/30 Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brendas w/Pentagram, Radio Moscow, Bang
10/31 Burlington, VT – Arts Riot w/Pentagram, Blood Ceremony, Bang
11/1 New York, NY – Gramercy Theater w/Pentagram, Blood Ceremony, Bang
11/2 Providence, RI -The Met w/Pentagram, Radio Moscow, Bang

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