Kings Destroy Fall Tour Food Diary 2014 Pt 4

By vocalist Stephen Murphy

I find it very hard to eat well on the road.  The rest stops are terrible with nothing but processed food and they are surrounded by fast food places.  Every couple of days I take time out to grab a decent lunch or early dinner. on this day I woke up and drank a liter of water to keep my vocal chords lubricated then I spent the next 5 hours drinking Honest Tea half tea/half lemon. We had to stop for a couple of hours and there was a homemade Italian restaurant across the street so I ran over and had a mozzarella and tomato salad followed by a delicious chicken parmesan platter with spaghetti.

I ate this at 3 pm  we hit the stage at 8 tonight so I don’t like to eat too close to then.  After we play I’m so pumped up on adrenaline I don’t eat until the next day. A glass or 2 of red wine finishes the day.

By road manager Jim Pitts

Being in a touring band is tough. Taking care of a touring band presents its own challenges. You want to make sure the band is on time, fed, and happy while making sure of the same for yourself. Sometimes this can be a rough balance to strike. I feel I do a good job though, so here’s what I was eating:

Our day started in Lansing, Michigan, at the Fleetwood Diner, a local joint known for big breakfasts with fresh ingredients. I chose the Western omelet (same as a Denver) with home fries, large OJ, and coffee. A meal that lived up to the hype people in town gave it!

We put in some miles driving that day so lunch was truck stop snacks. Mine consisted of Red Bull, the driver’s best friend, some Ritz Bits, and an apple. Maybe two Red Bulls.

Upon arrival at the House of Blues in Cleveland, I was pleased to find the 4th Street Bar & Grille next door: A large place with a bowling alley, billiard room, and multiple TVs to check sports scores on. After a hectic unloading I went right for a shot of Jack and Fat Tire Pale Ale. While talking with the waitress I found out they used grass fed beef in their burgers, baked the buns in house, and fried their own kettle chips in house. SOLD!

I ordered up a BBQ Bacon Burger with kettle chips. Probably the best burger I will have this tour! Friendly staff, clean restaurant, great atmosphere all made this meal a 10 for me! I can’t wait for my next journey to Cleveland to go back!

Photo by JJ Koczan
Photo by JJ Koczan
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