Get To Know: Bangladeafy

Bangladeafy consists simply of one bassist and one drummer. The two met at a local jam session in Suffolk County, New York. Bassist John Ehlers, at the time, was working on an electro-fusion hip hop album and was looking for live members, and he dug Atif’s (the drummer) style, and so the collaboration begun. These guys have just wrapped up their latest album entitled The Briefcase, a beautiful technical mess of the talents and capabilities of the two dudes. Atif recorded the drums on his own at Gatto Records in Long Island, and the rest was recorded and mixed in Brooklyn at Pancake Studios. The band just finished up a small east coast tour with Car Bomb, Torrential Downpour, and Resolution 15. They hope to tour in the near future, but have no plans for any BIG tours. You will appreciate Bangladeafy if you enjoy bands like Primus, Hella, Battles, Ebu Gogo, and Adebisi Shank.

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