Get To Know: Greys

Cam (guitar) and Shehzaad (also guitar) of Greys, from Toronto, Ohio, met in rehab and developed a close relationship during frequent trips to a nearby ice cream parlor. Shehzaad was released a few years before Cam, causing them to lose contact, but five years later, ran into each other at a chess tournament in Montreal, which neither of them were participating in. They went back to Cam’s apartment and met Braeden, a dealer who would become their drummer. They sat back and listened to records and talked about music, which they never did while they were in rehab. They decided to start a band with each other while they were playing air guitar and Braeden bashed on a dilapidated drum set he acquired from a customer who failed to pay his “dues” on time, and all parties involved felt the chemistry. Right now, Greys is working on a full-length record at the pace of about one song per week, which they hope will leave them with a large handful of songs to choose from when they go into the studio in October with Josh Korody at his studio in Toronto. No tours are planned so far this year, but the band will be playing with Roomrunner in Brooklyn on their way to I Got Brains Festival, and will be performing at Fest in Gainesville. Check out Greys if you’re into bands like Drive Like Jehu and Fugazi.

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