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With a name their mammas are surely shaking their heads over (and hopefully not fully understanding), Poland’s Ass To Mouth is a new band with members associated with a litany of bands including Toxic Bonkers, Force My Hand, Self Hate, One Against All, Noctifer, Kreon, and Disarm. Although Kuba admits, “I doubt if any of your readers might know many of those.”

Just in time for Valentine’s Day gift giving the band recently “managed to finish working on second LP, Degenerate, which is to be released by Selfmadegod Records in February, as well as on vinyl LP through the co-operation of few labels: Fat Ass Records, Grindfather Productions, Grindpromotion Records and Addiction To War Records.” They’re also going old school with a release on a cassette, thanks to Grindfather Productions.

While ATM was focused on gore-grind and emulating bands like Napalm Death, Nasum, and Rotten Sound, Kuba says frankly that they have moved into a more punk influenced sound to expand their musical influence and a more unique, signature feel to their songs.

Curious about a little A to the M? Check out the new video for the song “Drunk & Stoned” which will be online around February. (Hutch)

www.assgrindsystem.com  |  selfmadegod.com

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