Let’s Make Compelling Content w/ Big Mother Gig EP 05: Criminal Hygiene

“These days, being a musician means a lot more than writing music and playing shows. It means creating compelling content.” – Big Mother Gig

Between making the hottest tunes around and having normal lives, Big Mother Gig constantly have their creative energy surging through their finger tips. New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth an exclusive music video series entitled “Let’s Make Compelling Content” presented by Big Mother Gig. Episode five features Criminal Hygiene. In this video expect to see and hear a deep dive into Criminal Hygiene, who have a new record release on March 1st, entitled Run It AgainPre-Order that right here! Richard Jankovich captures the band behind the scenes and on the stage.

BIG MOTHER GIG is playing Wed, 2/20 at THE VIPER ROOM at 9pm.

Theme Song: “Let’s Make Compelling Content”

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