Tour Diary #2: It Lies Within On “The 11th Plague Tour”

It Lies Within embarked on “The 11th Plague Tour” with My Heart To Fear in December 2016, and the band gave us a look inside what they were up to. Check out the second tour diary entry below, as well as the first one here.

Tour Diary #2

The 11th Plague Tour has come to an end. End of tour is always bittersweet because it’s nice to get home to friends and family but there’s no feeling like being on the road playing music. Literally nothing can imitate the feeling.

The 2nd half of tour went by so much faster because we just had so much fun! This is simply due to the weather only, lol. We all couldn’t wait to get to Texas. The warm weather was calling our name! We in It Lies Within have family in Ft. Worth area which was our first stop so our welcome party was awesome. Big shout out to the Ludiker family for being amazing. They always make this trip worth every minute especially with getting much puppy love from Max and Ruby.

Houston was a date we were excited for because of the Misunderstood Ink Tattoo in house interview with a meet and greet. These guys do it right! We want to give a big shout out to them for the free tour tattoos in which are the first tour tattoos the band has gotten in 4 years. BFE Rock Club was absolutely packed that night. H-Town knows how to throw down!

Next came Nashville, TN the city of music. We love playing Nashville and always try to get there early so we can take in the sites and the city. Even though it was a little cold for Nashville that night the show was heated. After we had some awesome food with the locals. Shout out to Traci for catering and hosting us! Nashville can cook!

Making our way to the snow, our next stop was Thompson House in Newport, KY. We always love playing this venue. It’s been at least 6-7 times now we’ve played this historical venue. This venue it literally the home of where the “Tommy Gun” was invented. The building is just awesome! From beginning to end, this was one of the best shows of tour. It’s cool to see how much we’ve grown in certain markets. We recommend anyone to visit this city for the awesome food and events.

Finally, we hit the Mitten aka Michigan. Home state for It Lies Within we were excited to finish up the tour in our home state. Kalamazoo was insane as always with the rowdy Western Michigan College right in town. Lastly, was the World Famous Machine Shop in Flint, MI. Not only is this the home town for It Lies Within but this was Zach’s birthday party as well. Things couldn’t have lined up any better. We are thankful for how smooth this tour went. The Machine Shop certainly showed up and ended the tour righteous.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who attended a show and especially to those who attended multiple shows. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all. It Lies Within!

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