List: 10 Bands To Catch at Punk Rock Bowling 2020

We are all excited for Punk Rock Bowling, so we wanted to share with you our top 10 bands to catch at this year’s PRB 2020. The list includes classic acts to relatively the newcomers in punk music. (No particular order)


Co-founder and Vocalist of Black Flag Keith Morris formed the Circle Jerks with former Redd Kross guitarist Greg Hetson and bassist Roger Rogerson in 79. Circle Jerks were one of the few iconic punk bands in L.A.’s South Bay during the decade, alongside with the Descendents, The Last, and Black Flag that started the revolution of hardcore punk.

Circle Jerks will play Saturday, May 23 (Day 2) on the Main Stage. 


One of the “newcomers” to Punk Rock Bowling this year are The Flatliners. The Toronto-based, melodic punk rock band formed in 2002, and their self-released Destroy to Create was picked up by Stomp Records in 2005.

Since then, The Flatliners signed to Fat Wreck Chords for The Greate Awake, Cavalcade, Dead Language and Division of Spoils record releases, but most recently signed to Rise Records for Inviting Light released in 2017. The Flatliners will make their debut performance at Punk Rock Bowling on Saturday, May 25 on the main stage. 


The high-energy ska, hardcore punk band The Mighty Mighty BossTones, who defined the definition of “ska” in the 90s, are playing at Punk Rock Bowling on Monday, May 25. Throughout the past three decades, BossTones released countless of albums and performed at some of the biggest arenas and festivals. The BossTones Lets Face It, released in 97, became their best-selling record partly due to the hit single “The Impressions That I Get,” which is still known as one of the best ska songs out there!

The band announced their hiatus in 2003 and returned in 2007 to make a new record. In 2018, the BossTones released their latest album, While We’re at It.


Punk Rock veterans The Bronx will play Punk Rock Bowling on Saturday, May 23. Their hard-hitting, infectious sounds are one of the main reasons why the band keeps sticking around over the years. Also, they’ve led dual lives for the past eight years, maintaining an alter ego as Mariachi El Bronx that as is as true to that form of music as their hardcore is to the punk ethos. 


Hardcore punks PEARS will make their return to Punk Rock Bowling Monday, May 25. Signed to Fat Wreck Chords, the band have released their previous records off of the SF label, with their most memorable LP, Green Star, released in 2016. In more recent news, the band have dropped their latest music video “Comfortably Dumb,” featured on their upcoming, self-titled album out March 6. 


SoCal punk rock band, Plague Vendor are Brandon Blaine (vocals), Michael Perez (bass), Luke Perine (drums and percussion), and Jay Rogers (guitar). The four-piece band redefined the punk scene in 2014 with their debut record, Free To Eat, released through home label Epitaph Records. Plague Vendor mix classic reinterpretations of the 60s and 70s punk rock sounds into their modern music. The band’s most recent full-length, By Night, was released in 2019 through Epitaph Records featuring lead single “New Comedown.”


One of the most iconic, political punk bands, Anti-Flag will return to Punk Rock Bowling Saturday, May 23. Over the past two decades, the band has released 10 albums, all deeply influencd by systems of injustice. Probably one of their most memorable full-lengths was For Blood And Empire, released in early 00s. Anti-Flag’s most recent full-length, 20/20 Vision, talks about just that and even more. Read our interview with Chris #2 about 20/20 Vision.


Formed in 1986, Propagandhi have remained relevant in the ever-changing scene with Victory Lap, the band’s first full-length since 2012’s Failed States. Their sound is timeless. Watch Propagandhi perform at Punk Rock Bowling Saturday, May 23.


One of the few all-female punk bands BAD COP / BAD COP returns to Punk Rock Bowling Monday, May 25. The band have released two full lengths on Fat Wreck Chords, with Warriors being their most memorable release, featuring hit tracks like “Womanarchist” and “Victoria.”


SoCal alternative-punk band Decent Criminal released their debut full-length, Bliss, through Wiretap Records and will play at Punk Rock Bowling Monday, May 25. If you haven’t heard of Decent Criminal, their sound is similar to the punk acts like PKEW, PKEW, PKEW; Pass Away; and Dead Bars. 

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