Memories of Punk Rock Bowling with Blag Dahlia (Dwarves)

In its 16th year there is no way that anyone is really going to tell you their favorite Punk Rock Bowling memory, but we got a few people that can be expected every year to share with us some memories that are fit to be shared.

Blag Dahlia (Dwarves)

Blag Dahlia - Punk Rock Bowling 2

Last time we played the main stage at PRB my voice was pretty fried. The band sounded great, but I was getting by on my good looks and enormous genitalia alone out there. There was a guy that looked to be about 10 years old up front singing along to all the songs, so I pulled him up onstage figuring he couldn’t sound any worse than I did, and after a song I’d kick him off.

He wound up singing really well, he knew all the words and basically just took over the stage for the next 10 minutes (that’s half a Dwarves show!) I went out in the crowd to try and get some excitement going, but Gabe (I found out his name later, and he was actually 12 years old, from Tucson) turned out to be an ace crowd worker as well. The whole thing might have sucked for me, except he was so young we didn’t have to pay him anything or even share our drugs with him. He’s really the ideal session guy!

Gabe has threatened to show up at our next PRB set to do it all over again, but now he’ll just be an annoying teenager with a Beiber like sullenness and acne on his hairless penis. And he still won’t get paid!

Blag Dahlia - Punk Rock Bowling 1

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