Memories of Punk Rock Bowling with Fat Wreck Chords

In its 16th year there is no way that anyone is really going to tell you their favorite Punk Rock Bowling memory, but we got a few people that can be expected every year to share with us some memories that are fit to be shared.

Fat Mike (NOFX)

I was at Vegas Punk House at about 4am and there were 14 of us in the hot tub. Members and wives and girlfriends of American Steel, Old Man Markley, and NOFX were all sardined in there so tight. Then someone started to pee. Well, that was me… and funny thing is, is that no one ever knew. Well, until now. Sorry gang, but when ya gotta go…

Fat Mike - Punk Rock Bowling

Bart ‘Stayin Alive’ Henderson

How about the year that we decimated the hopes and dreams of over 200 teams by laying waste to any competitors that dared to step to us? That’s a fun memory.

Stephanie Reeder

I have attended Punk Rock Bowling many different years, and have endless amazing memories from each of those years. But nothing will ever compare to Punk Rock Bowling 2010 for me.

A year before, at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, I met Tim. I was on tour with No Use for a Name, Only Crime, and Pour Habit, and he worked for Fat Wreck Chords. We met through a mutual friend, and very quickly realized our connection. We started dating and fell in love.

We went to PRB together for the first time in 2010. After a day full of shows, gambling, and day drinking (him, not me), we went to see Me First and The Gimme Gimmes. His co-workers Pat and Bart were hanging out with us in the crowd, tall cans all around. At one point, they made a break for the side of the stage. There was a lot of whispering going on between songs. All of a sudden Spike was saying, “I hear Tim wants to come up here and say something.” Next thing I know, Tim is on stage, telling me to get up there with him. Oh shit.

With all eyes on us, Tim says into the microphone, “We haven’t been together that long, but I really love you. So I guess I just have one question for you… do you want to go gamble some more after this? Or just go back to the room?” After that (not funny) little joke, he walked over to me, went down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. Of course I said, “YES!”

The very next song The Gimmes played was Danny’s Song, which was perfect for us. So of course, that was the song that we picked to walk into our wedding reception to on September 28th.

Stephanie & Tim Reeder, Avi Erlich

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