Memories of Punk Rock Bowling with JT Habersaat

In its 16th year there is no way that anyone is really going to tell you their favorite Punk Rock Bowling memory, but we got a few people that can be expected every year to share with us some memories that are fit to be shared.

JT Habersaat (Altercation Punk Comedy Tour)

Every PRB has had a few ‘magic moments’ for me. The first year I hosted the awards ceremony in Henderson, NV the sound guy was an insane OCD person and would not let me use his sacred microphone. Any of them. He eventually handed me a Fisher-Price worthy battery-powered handheld that offered about the same amount of output as a walkman, and this was only after Mark Stern yelled at him. The bowling scores also got eaten by the machine, so I was reading the winners off a table napkin. Lots of gin and Xanax that night post show, but the Gimme Gimmes’ set made it all worthwhile.

JT Habersaat - Punk Rock Bowling shoe

I’m a fairly outspoken atheist, but in 2012 I had what could only be described as an ‘act of god’ happen. I was 90% bourbon among other things and was losing my voice singing along to NOFX. Someone tossed a shoe at Fat Mike, which nailed him pretty good and caused them to stop mid-song for a crowd-berating. I was laughing my drunken ass off. Mike then threw the shoe back into the audience, which was then LAUNCHED with the strength of a women’s softball team backwards. The goddamn shoe soared about 150 feet in the air and smashed me right in the face, decimating my drink and dousing me in bourbon in the process. My good pal Binky captured the moment immediately post-shoe assault.

The kicker – on the way out the door that night I ran into the dude from ‘Celebrity Rehab’ and ‘Thelonious Monster.’ I decided not to take it as a sign…”

Epic weekend, always.

JT Habersaat - Punk Rock Bowling

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