Old But Not Obsolete: Metal Bands That Ruled In 1993 and Still Rule In 2013

By Ben Knudtson and Mel Content

Here is a list of 11 albums, which, much like me came out in 1993, and much like me, still fuckin’ rule. Not only do they still rule, the bands all have new albums coming out 20 years later.

Gorguts - The Erosion of Sanity cover

Erosion of Sanity

Technical, brutal, and jazzy, this furious panty dropper (if only) will never be forgotten. How do I know? Because it’s already been released three times. These guys really set the stage for many great Technical Death Metal bands to come. (BK)

Out 2013: Colored Sands [purchase]





Carcass - Heartwork cover


Heartwork is a crucial record with an influence that rings through to today. Along with At The Gates’ masterpiece Slaughter of the Soul, Carcass gave birth to melodic death metal. In the years since its release, Heartwork stands above most of the records inspired by it. (MC)

Out 2013: Surgical Steel [purchase]




Amon Amarth - Thor Arise cover

Amon Amarth
Thor Arise

Even back when their recordings sounded like they were done on a cell phone they kicked major ass. Their hugeness shows through everything they do, and still to this day they are known as the Viking band of all Viking bands. (BK)

Out 2013: Deceiver of the Gods [purchase]





Voivod - The Outer Limits

The Outer Limits

This was the 7th album these guys did, which just goes to show how long they’ve been around. It was also the first album not to feature their original bassist, Blacky, who was replaced by a session musician for this album only. Another thing that ruled about this album was that the first issues of the CD came with mini 3D glasses to correctly view the booklet art. (BK)

Out 2013: Target Earth [purchase]



Rotting Christ - The Mighty Contract cover

Rotting Christ
The Mighty Contract

This album seriously sounds like it was recorded in a basement during an exorcism. It’s a cool contrast to their latest record that sounds like it was recorded in a Cathedral on Judgment Day. (BK)

Out 2013: Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy [purchase]





Darkthrone - Under A Funeral Moon cover

Under a Funeral Moon

Under a Funeral Moon gave rise to a generation of angry nerds wielding tape recorders and reverb trying to sound evil and primitive. It’s rough, almost punk production matched the simplistic savagery of the instrumentation, not pretty, but unadulterated and pure aggression. Listening to Under a Funeral Moon is like getting caught jerking off: everyone does it, no one likes to admit it, and they’ve been doing it most of their life. (MC)

Out 2013: The Underground Resistance [purchase]


Sepultura - Chaos AD cover

Chaos AD

Chaos AD is the pinnacle for the unlikely metal saviors of the early 90’s, Sepultura. This record follows Arise and precedes Roots in a trilogy of crushing records, the finest they produced. it lay at a crossroads between the death/thrash speed freaks they were and the grooved out, mid tempo crushers they became. From the atonal solos, to the brutally honest lyrics, to the simple grooves, this record is pure passion. 20 years later, it’s still ahead of It’s time. (MC)

Out 2013: The Mediator Between the Head and the Hands Must Be the Heart [purchase]


Melvins - Houdini cover


This was the Melvins’ major label debut (on Atlantic Records) after releasing all of their previous albums via Boner Records. They also did some work with Kurt Cobain on this record before firing him and going their own separate ways. (BK)

Out 2013: Everyone Loves Sausages [purchase]





Suffocation - Breeding The Spawn cover

Breeding the Spawn

Full of tremolo riffs and reverb-ridden growls, this album is one of the most clear looks into 90’s death metal. No experimentation, no fuckin’ around, just pure, brutal, and straight to the point death metal. Suffocation has always been furthering the definition of brutal, even to this day with their most recent release The Pinnacle of Bedlam. For a band that’s been around as long as they have, it’s really impressive that they can still release fresh yet still classic music. (BK)

Out 2013: Pinnacle of Bedlam [purchase]



Katatonia - Dance of December Souls cover

Dance of the December Souls

A lot of people forget how long these guys have been around. This was Katatonia’s debut full-length album and it was the starting point of all their sullen, dark, and uncomfortable sounds. Much like Gorgut’s Erosion of Sanity, this album was also released three times. (BK)

Out 2013: Dethroned and Uncrowned [purchase]




Amorphis - Privilege of Evil cover

Privilege of Evil

This EP was a collection of demo material that Amorphis had written two years back in ’91 that was supposed to be part of a split with Incantation that never worked out. Incantations part of the split didn’t end up being released until 16 years later as the Blasphemous Cremation EP.

Out 2013: Circle [purchase]

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