Netherlands Photo Tour Diary #1

Netherlands photo by Nick Spadafora

Brooklyn, New York’s Netherlands are currently on an East Coast with tour Mouth Of The Architect after releasing their new album Audubon, which came out on Prosthetic Records earlier this year. For their tour diary they have graciously let us in on what has been going on during their trip with photos instead of a long written diary. Check out the pics and what the band has to say about them and the tour so far below.

Photo Tour Diary #1:

So it begins… the MOTA/ NETHERLANDS/ZVI invasion of the south – St. Vitus is always a supreme blast to play (+ Nick C. from Mutoid Man runs sound, is fucking hilarious and always takes care of us).

ZVI started the night off with chaotic and foreboding guitar/samples/vocals; definitely a huge fucking sound and attitude coming out of one person.

SO HIDEOUS (who are playing with MOTA this weekend) seemed like one long sharp, pummeling, melancholic steamroll; brutal,  hypnotic and hazy.

+ MOTA… there is in assuredness and slow burning intensity to their show; the writing playing, singing is super focused, on point and they really successfully create an atmosphere. They put on a fantastic show and are clearly a bunch of fucking rad guys! What a great vibe; this is gonna be super fun.  – Timo


“NETHERLANDS here, having delicious French food at Milk and Roses here in Greenpoint, prior to the inaugural gig at St. Vitus (even though we’re technically not joining the tour until Monday). Looking forward to a musically brutal great time with all these fuckers.”




More on Netherlands:

Genre-bending New York-based band Netherlands sets out to share what VICE’s Noisey describes as “their own consistently excellent brand of punktastic choogle” in support of its latest album, Audubon, released on Prosthetic Records June 17th.Formed in 2009 by acclaimed multi-instrumentalist Timo Ellis – whose dedication to the NYC art and music scene has seen him appear on almost 100 albums (including notable recordings and collaborations with Yoko Ono, The Melvins, John Zorn, Weenand Gibby Haynes) – the band is rounded out with Zach Eichenhorn on drums andAva Farber on synthbass. Credited for “ushering in a new wave of metal pop” (Noisey) with their “super fuzzed stoner rock” (CMJ), the band has played throughout New York with zealous incendiary live performances that recall the brutality of hardcore along with foreboding atmospheric elements reminiscent of the early proto-metal greats. Having an expansive three dimensional style of work, the band has supported a range of acts including Napalm Death, Melt Banana, Mutoid Man and The Giraffes.

View the video for their single, “Alien Pussy,”  here.
View the video for their single, “Thrombosis,” here.
View the video for their single, “In Cyan,”  here.

After a handful of recent shows with bands Retox and Spotlights, Netherland’s shows throughout October will be in support of Mouth of the Architect. Here, crowds will have the chance to see what Metal Injection described as “2016’s version of that band that everyone pretends they’ve been listening to all along, lest they have to admit that something this potent and immanently accessible has eluded their crate digger radar up until now”.

Upcoming Tour Dates w/ Mouth of the Architect:
October 10 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
October 11 – Raleigh, NC @ King’s
October 12 – Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn
October 13 – Savannah, GA @ The Jinx
October 14 – Nashville, TN @ The End
October 15 – Louisville, KY @ Mag Bar

Netherlands Website

Netherlands on Prosthetic Records

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