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The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior

Darmstadt, Germany
Blūten | Aug. 23 | Napalm Records

RIYL: The language of music. The Netflix series “Dark.” Paradoxes.

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Pressing play on Blūten is gloriously disorienting. First, the listener is bombarded by a post-hardcore-meets-hooky-indie-pop style that’s difficult to classify, let alone comprehend. 8kids sound like Refused writing M83 songs or letlive. collaborating with Foster The People. However, that doesn’t really capture how massive these songs can get, with synth melodies and vocal hooks that goddamn deserve to be heard in an arena.

This is all before it sinks in that most of the record is in German—if the album title didn’t give it away—so unless you speak the language or have Google translate handy, the meaning might get lost. That sucks, because Blūten isn’t here to coddle the listener with carefree ditties bathed in electronic post-hardcore riffs. 8kids are just as political as letlive. or Refused and unafraid to speak their minds.

We think every artist, singer, band, whatever has to stand up against racism, sexism, and hate of any kind,” the band explain. “We are privileged to have the opportunity to play in front of many young people and need to use that in a good way. [They] are looking up to us, and some of them don’t have a political opinion yet. We try to give them something on the way and help them build their own position in the world.”

Just when you thought this bright, cheery album was all pop, 8kids let their words speak a loud and clear message of inclusion—one that is echoed in this delightfully unique musical experience.

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