The New What Next: Cold Moon

The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior

Cold Moon
Oakland, California
Rising | May 10 | Pure Noise Records
RIYL: Basement jam sessions. Good memories. Great pals.

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Photo by Morgan Foster

There’s a connectedness to Rising that rarely exists in debut EPs, a sense that some of these six songs are a lot older than is typical of a band’s first output. That impression is only furthered by Cold Moon’s delightfully throwback sound. Imagine a halfway point between American Football and Wilco, with a post-rock sheen that lends a brightness and comfort rarely associated with more emotional rock. All of these feelings exist because Cold Moon, in many ways, are not a new band at all. Former The Story So Far guitarist Kevin Ambrose explains, “We all grew up together and never really got the opportunity to play music with each other until we were adults. In 2016, [vocalist and guitarist] Jack [Sullivan] moved back to California for work, and actually moved in with my family while he was getting his feet set. We started playing music every night and shared some songs that had been in the inventory since we were kids. Those songs that we played in my parents’ house later grew into some of the ones we recorded for Rising.” Knowing that many of these songs literally grew up into this immaculate alt-rock gem only elevates the experience. This is a gorgeous record, perfect for admiring the rising sun

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