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The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior

Freezing Cold
New York City
Glimmer | Sept. 27 | Salinas Records
RIYL: Sweaters. Cinnamon lattes. Seeing old friends.

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There’s a comfort, an instant spark when listening to Glimmer. The result of longtime friends from NYC’s DIY music community, Freezing Cold’s brand of indie punk will be endearingly familiar to fans of The Lemonheads and Throwing Muses, but there’s something unique and, well, different about this band and this album.

Rarely does a record embody the feeling of fall so well: the joy of watching the leaves turn beautiful colors, the elation of getting together with friends to watch football, the comfort of wearing warm clothing again. Freezing Cold’s apt choice of name plays into this notion that the band are telling stories that mean something to them and their listeners, and that organic synchronicity played into their songwriting as well.

“Nothing was forced or robotically premeditated, but once you start a sentence, the rest of it kind of finishes itself,” vocalist and guitarist Jeff Cunningham notes.

However, some songs were immensely personal and elevate those individual moments.

“The song ‘Skywriting’ I started before my daughter was born and finished about a month after her birth,” Cunningham shares. “That’s one of the most personal things I’ve ever written. I really wanted that on the record.”

In total, Glimmer is heartland-style punk at its most infectious, but its ability to speak to the soul in a very real and affecting way is what will keep Freezing Cold fresh in your mind.

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