The New What Next: Hash Redactor

The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior

Hash Redactor
Memphis, Tennessee
Drecksound | April 26 | Goner Records
RIYL: Schadenfreude. “Monty Python.” Playful spite.

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Photo credit Adele C

Social critique is rarely this fucking hilarious. Hash Redactor embrace the art of sarcasm, self-loathing, and schadenfreude with the ironically named Drecksound. The band play a familiar yet fresh style of art punk that takes more than a few cues from post-punk, and their lyrics take a perverse yet playful view of humanity’s rake-stepping self-destructive side. This plays masterfully with their more modern view of tired post-punk tropes. Sure, they’re influenced by The Fall and Swell Maps, but Hash Redactor have a charm all their own. Vocalist and guitarist Alec McIntyre’s charisma oozes from the speakers, which only elevates the entertainment value. “I enjoy laughing at other people’s—particularly powerful people’s—misfortune about as much as my own,” he notes. “My bandmates are much more positive, well-adjusted people than I am generally, so if they rub off on me at all, I’m sure the next record is bound to be all kittens and roses.” While such positivity might feel out of place, surely Hash Redactor will react accordingly. In the meantime, Drecksound is a post-punk party for those willing to laugh through the frustration.

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