The New What Next: Isotope

The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior

Oakland, California
Isotope | April 5 | Carbonized Records
RIYL: HBO’s “Chernobyl.” Fighting the power. Spider-Band, Spider-Band, does whatever a spider can!

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Named after radioactive decay, Isotope are like the Spider-Man of the metallic hardcore world. Whichever radioactive spider bit into these Californians, the result is a menacing, powerful, and classic-sounding band of superheroes ready to rail against oppression, environmental destruction, and shitty hardcore. Echoes of Japanese hardcore, crust, d-beat, and a big dose of traditional heavy metal are woven into Isotope’s sonic webs. The songs feel propelled by some unstoppable force, hurtling through time and space and into your ears, where they will inevitably be stuck for weeks. There’s a fury that is almost playful in its execution, like you can actually hear how much fun Isotope had while making these battle anthems. The music is gleefully unhinged but controlled in its chaos.

Despite the air of playfulness that permeates Isotope, the group’s name did not come from a lighthearted place. “The name is inspired by radioactive decay,” the band collectively state, “the process of measuring geological time, ancient and dead species, civilizations and epochs gone by throughout the ages, and yes, the radioactive wastes that will be the enduring legacy of our rapidly declining humanity.” Isotope are wrestling with humanity’s war on ourselves and the planet, and their struggle against our accelerating existential decay is potent. Though Isotope will never run into J. Jonah Jameson or—once we eventually do cross over to the other side—Uncle Ben, they are definitely fighting the good fight.

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