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Shock Narcotic
I Have Seen the Future and It Doesn’t Work | Aug. 16 | Housecore Records

RIYL: “They Live.” Horror fiends. Hideous portent.

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There are those who prefer to deal with the past, current, and impending horrors of humanity’s shared existence by experiencing and reacting to extreme art. Whether it’s horror fiction, scary movies, or heavy music, what is a challenging experience for many is a soothing experience for others, tense then cathartic—like comfort food for the blackened soul.

Shock Narcotic’s brand of grind should be perfect not only for those folks but for anyone who looks at the current sociopolitical landscape and craves an outlet. These tunes are wonderfully leftfield, never limited by past notions of what grindcore can or should be. The Detroit band’s debut LP, I Have Seen the Future and It Doesn’t Work, is shockingly comforting and experimental—but as the brainchild of former Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Jeff Tuttle, that should come as no surprise.

The scales and intervals used throughout this record are widely considered to have a specific connotation,” Tuttle explains, “but when writing this record, which was fueled by a lot of anger and frustration, I realized that this connotation didn’t necessarily apply. Like genre rules, the meanings we’ve attached to different sounds and musical movements are also somewhat arbitrary. To me, these songs don’t sound like anger, they sound like comfort in the all-too-familiar chaos. Yes, this album represents existential dread and giving up hope, but it’s also about being completely OK with that. It’s about finding the calm within the storm.”

Top photo by Aaron Jones

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