New Year’s Evolutions: Barbaric Brutality’s Michael Marshall

We checked in with Michael Marshall (Barbaric Brutality) to see how he spent 2020, what habits he developed, and his thoughts and hopes for what 2021 will hold, as part of our final New Year’s Evolutions Series!

Although the pandemic did not have too much of an impact on Michael in terms of uprooting him from his day to day, he did make the decision (along with partner Kenny) to channel his energy into his latest brutal death metal cassette label, Barbaric Brutality

I’d like to acknowledge that for many 2020 has been a tragic year and my heart goes out to all those negatively affected by the pandemic. Fortunately, my life was affected very little and the pandemic gave birth to the most successful death metal cassette label in the greater Sacramento area: Barbaric Brutality.

My career normally requires me to travel and stay away from home 3-4 nights a week, so to be completely honest I welcomed the quarantine. This was the first time in four years I’ve been off the road for more than two weeks. The time home with my girlfriend allowed us to further develop and grow our relationship, and we were even able to dedicate time to house-breaking our mini Australian shepherd, Sasha.

Exercise has been a staple in my routine and I was able to train throughout this entire pandemic. I’m extremely grateful, as exercise greatly ties in with mental health, more than most people may realize; so in terms of mental health, I’d like to think ya boi is of sound body and mind.

I’ve been channeling a lot of my energy and focus into Barbaric Brutality, alongside my best friend Kenny. 2021 seems like it will be a shining year for Barbaric Brutality and I’m extremely excited to see what the future holds for the label. Quality and maximizing our promotional platforms is the name of the game for 2021. No disrespect to any labels who want to focus on the quantity of work, but we really want to focus more on fostering bands and help to realize their goals, which requires plenty of time and attention. The scene is thriving, and we’re excited to be bringing death metal into the future!

View Barbaric Brutality big cartel here.

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