Northlane compiles “Top 5 Aussie Bands” Lists

Northlane bassist Alex Milovic and singer Adrian Fitipaldes have compiled individual lists of their “Top 5 Aussie Bands.” Check out their picks below!

Alex Milovic’s Top 5 Aussie Bands

1. Make Them Suffer –
A Melodic death metal group from Perth (Western Australia). Having already set there foot on European soil, 2014 will be a big year for these guys and girl!

2. Stories –
A young progressive band that has a lot of optional to take Australia by storm. For Misery Signals, Periphery and Tesseract fans.

3. Vices –
A fast paced hardcore band from Sydney, Australia, for fans of Hundredth, Backtrack and Counterparts.

4. Endless Heights –
A new breed of melodic hardcore from Sydney, Australia. Their debut album New Bloom is set to turn heads!

5. Make Believe Me –
Another Western Australia band. Being from such an isolated part of Australia, these post hardcore rockers are tearing it up!

Adrian Fitipaldes’s Top 5 Aussie Bands

1. Miles Away –
They are a great hardcore band with awesome lyrics, I’m so glad they come from Australia.

2. In Hearts Wake –
In Hearts Wake are our close friends and want to help spread a good message just like Northlane.

3. Parkway Drive –
Parkway Drive is the band that made it possible for Aussie bands like Northlane to have local and international crowds to play too.

4. Karnivool –
They are breathtaking and leave you inspired.

5. Dead Letter Circus –
They have a really cool sound going on, and once again I can’t believe they are from Australia, they are too good!

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