Opinions Are Like Assholes: Rock Hard Summer Recap

Opinions Are Like Assholes: Rock Hard Summer Recap
By Morgan Y. Evans

Hello rockers and vampires!

I hope your summer has been full of missing bikini bottoms, dog pee filled super soakers and the stink of hot asphalt (I know which of those three I prefer). Look, every magazine and website has best of lists that demand your submission to their all knowing cooler-than-thou expertise. I am not going to come at you like that. Though my music journalist’s pimp hand IS strong, at heart I am a music fan like you all and just want to make sure you didn’t miss out on some cool stuff out there in the rock-o-sphere.

Here are a ten new tracks (and an honorable mention) from recent releases I have loved that I think should be part of your 2013 as we finish up the dog days of August.

10: Stratovarius – “Fantasy”  super catchy

With their Nemesis album Stratovarius have finally stepped out of the great shadow of their lengthy history. You can hear them having fun, kicking ass on track after track and owning it. Matias Kupiainen is a great guitarist and has amply filled the big shoes of Timo Tolkki. Nemesis finds him sounding less self-concious about it than the last few releases and the results are killer. “Fantasy” is pure power metal bliss.

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