Opinions Are Like Assholes: Rock Hard Summer Recap

Honorable Mention:

Stryper “Soldiers Under Command”

I rarely like re-recorded versions of old classics. It is just usually a “why bother?” thing for me. If Ozzy redid “No More Tears” with Gus G. other than a live version you’d kind of scratch your head. Props then to Christian metal unfair punching bag Stryper (who I love) for managing to kill it on the majority of their redone hits on the The Second Coming. Michael Sweet still sounds, um, sweet and the songs are a blast!

Ok, y’all. A lot left to look forward to this year. Nachtmystium are almost done with a sick new black metal record. Huntress are getting more popular everyday. Fall is just around the corner and Saxon is even touring soon with Fozzy! I don’t wanna hear any excuses if any of you dorks skip out on that.

Until we meet again…eat some dizzle tacos!

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