Opinions Are Like Assholes: Rock Hard Summer Recap

8. Killswitch Engage – “A Tribute To The Fallen”

Ozzy’s reunion album 13 with Black Sabbath was awesome (regardless of what you think of the production the songs and most of the lyrics are fucking great). The sad fact is the Ozzman is singing almost a full step off live at many shows. I saw him solo the year Crue played Ozzfest and Ozzy still was kicking ass, but maybe the drinking has messed up his hearing. It’s sad. 2013’s most triumphant vocalist return belongs to Killswitch and Jesse Leach. This is by far the best metalcore album and one of the all around most kick ass heavy metal release you will hear this year. It is the essence of what KsE are about. Every song inspires and they are killing it live. Yes!

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