Punk Rock Bowling 2017 Spotify Playlist: Curated by Mean Jeans

Check out Mean Jeans’ Punk Rock Bowling 2017 Spotify playlist below.

Mean Jeans will be performing at Punk Rock Bowling 2017 on Saturday, May 27th at Backstage Bar & Billiards in Las Vegas, NV with Riverboat Gamblers, The Soviettes, and Harriers of Discord.

You can purchase tickets here.

Frenzal Rhomb – Knuckleheads
Cock Sparrer – Riot Squad
Barreracudas – Nasty Boots
Sweet Baby – Year After Year
Ramones – In The Park

“Frenzal because it’s a semi-recent release from a FAT band that I love. Cock Sparrer because I somehow only started listening to this album recently and I’m pissed I’ve been missing out most my life. Barreracudas because it is a buddy’s current but unfortunately now defunct excellent band. Sweet Baby because it’s fun to hear where Green Day came from and Ramones because it’s fun to hear where Mean Jeans came from.”

The Crumbs – Girl, You Make Me Rock N’ Roll
Rog and Pip – Doin’ Alright Tonight
The Moondogs – Ya Don’t Do Ya
Protex – I Can Only Dream

“4 good times party punk n’ rock stompers for you to roll to!”

The Vandals – The Rodge
The Tough Shits – Hombre De La Cocaina
Roy Orbison – I Drove All Night

“Old tracks, new tracks, dope tracks, sick tracks. If you can’t dance to these songs, you can’t dance to anything.”


Riverboat Gamblers Mean Jeans PRB 2017

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