Album Premiere + Track By Track: Black And Blue – ‘Object Of Desire’

With a bubbly pop rock atmosphere, Black And Blue are bringing forth this wonderful four track EP, Object Of Desire. Smooth chord progressions ring out against delectable, honest melodies. Take a listen to this beautiful EP below, which is out today! New Noise Magazine is also pleased to be bringing forth this exclusive track by track from Black And Blue about Object Of Desire.

Run to California

“Run to California” is the single off Object of Desire. The track is inspired by a desire to run away from all the problems in your life & to start a new one. The song is a darker pop & alternative effort with hints of funk.


The second track of the band’s debut EP is a song about Lust. This song speaks of sexuality and lust in its more forward and raw form. The desire to be consumed by someone & completely open yourself up to them through sex. It has the darkest tone on the EP, with a strong rock influence that shines throughout the song in its entirety.

High Friends in Low Places

This song was written about a night that Maximilian (lead singer/songwriter) had spent in NYC with his friends. He recalls, “I remember it so vividly, but me and some close friends went to Central Park at 1am and we all hung out & caught up. They were all drinking and getting high & I was the only one sober throughout the whole night. It was so wild seeing how these substances affected them from my perspective (a mindset untampered with drugs & alcohol). All of my friends in that group also had a lot of underlying problems that I had known about, so it influenced me to write this song about how teenagers use drugs & alcohol to cover up their problems. They run to substances to find catharsis, an answer to their problems, when in reality, it’s just a cover up that causes more issues.”


The final song on the EP; a testament to the strongest form of desire, love. This track was written by Maximilian for his girlfriend at the time who he had fallen completely head over heels for. In this song, he confesses his love to her through a smooth R&B influenced melody and a relaxed and pretty rhythm guitar part. This song ends the EP because it is about the strongest form of desire, so it made sense to the project on this note, with the last line of the EP being “I’d be lying if I said, I didn’t want you from the start.”

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