Premiere & Track By Track: Out of Service – ‘Morning’

Morning, the debut full length album from Out of Service, opens with the optimistic energy that comes with each sunrise before diving directly into the experiences and emotions that make up our daily lives. Like the early morning sky, this record is an even blend of dark and light, with songs about anxiety, addiction, faith, longing, love, and new beginnings. Every person who hears this album will be able to relate in some way, but their goal was ultimately to leave the listener with a sense of hope, because no matter how dark each day may become, the next morning is always on its way.

Morning was written and recorded by Out of Service, an indie/alt rock band from New Jersey, mixed and mastered by Nathan Hussey (All Get Out), and produced by Out of Service and Nathan Hussey.

New Noise Magazine is pleased to bring a track by track and exclusive premiere of Morning, the new incredible record from Out of Service.

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When we started writing this album I knew I wanted one to be for the kids in our lives.  All of my friends are having families now and I thought it would be interesting to write a song based on how I think life can be.  Sometimes it can be hard and unforgiving, and other times it can be absolutely wonderful. “Morning” serves as a reminder that every morning is a new beginning, so just keep moving forward.

Just Between Us

“Just Between Us” is a personal conversation between me and God. It explores some of the many questions I’ve started asking the older I get.  Is there a plan for all of us?  Has God given up on us? If not, will he stay and guide us if I ask Him to?  The world can be a scary place and sometimes I just want to know where were headed. 

The Whole World

I’m no stranger to depression.  It consumed my life for the better part of my adolescence, into my twenties, and even now I’m still fighting to keep it at bay.  This is in no way a unique situation, millions of people experience depression that can manifest itself in many different ways.  But “The Whole World” describes what I feel and how I interact with the world when I’m severely depressed.  I don’t care if I get hurt because I’m feeling the worst pain in that moment. I may put on a facade to hide my state from the world, but at the same time I’m begging for someone to save me.


“Pillars” relates back to “The Whole World” in some ways. While one is about depression, the other is about those who love us helping to hold us up and keep us going. When I was in college I was battling some of the darkest depression of my life.  According to my friends, I went months without even cracking a smile.  Eventually they got so worried that they grouped together and confronted me to tell me to get some help.  I never forgot about that and those people are still my dearest friends.  For years I’ve wanted to write a song named “Pillars” to honor what they were to me at that time in my life and I finally got the opportunity to.

The Escape

On What We Bring with Us, the EP that we released in 2017, there was a song called The Consequence.  That song is a fictional story about a girl who is abused by her family and so she takes it upon herself to free herself by burying them alive. “The Escape” is a continuation of her story and takes place immediately after “The Consequence.”  While her family’s death was a consequence of their abuse, she is now, almost ironically, forced to flee her life in order to avoid the consequences of what she has done.  Her actions weigh heavily on her and along the way her psyche breaks into another personality in an attempt to cope.  The subject matter is very morbid, but it is just too much fun writing about this girl’s journey.

Blindly Accepting Broken Glass

“Blindly Accepting Broken Glass” is about promises and how some people take them lightly.  There are some people who would rather die than betraying the trust bestowed upon them, and there are others that would think little of breaking that trust.

Two Anchors

When I was 15 years old my father had an affair and left our family.  My perception of life, which until that point had largely avoided darker issues and events, was shattered.  I wrote this song with the intent of it being a conversation between the person I was before he left and the person I am now.  Sometimes its difficult to remember what life was like in the past but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop trying to bring both parts of my life together.  This song explores what it is like for me to have two very distinct existences. The song itself is also split into two separate sections that each have their own distinct existences.

Between Cousins

“Between Cousins” explores addiction and how horrible it can be not only for the addict, but also for the addict’s loved ones. Addiction is so utterly destructive and it does an efficient job of tearing people apart.  Despite the best efforts of those around us, addiction can continue to persist, and the person we once knew may fade away.  Whether an addict knows how destructive their behavior is tends to be irrelevant. No matter the signs, they often won’t stop before its too late. 


“Kestrel” is one of our more positive and upbeat songs on this record. This song encourages others to take life’s opportunities into their own hands and not let it pass them by.  Keeping yourself isolated and protected from your own potential can prevent someone from living their life to the fullest.  It is a pretty straightforward message but I think that it is one thats worth putting out there.

The Sun and the Sea

I’ve always had a thing for love songs.  Whether people think they are over done or cliché, I’ve always liked piecing together lines that I hope someone would find romantic. “The Sun and the Sea” is a love song in the purest sense. The song personifies nature and describes the relationship between the sun and the sea in a literal sense, but the lyrics are instantly relatable to anyone who has known love.

The Thing We Want the Most

Love is a powerful thing. Powerful enough to bring about the most precious, and also the most painful, moments in our lives. Love has always scared me to death.  Romantic love, familial love, and love you feel for your friends can be what keeps you together when life is trying to push you down, but they can also be the very thing that got you down there in the first place.  Love has the power to create life, but has the potential to start war. Love can bring families together, but then tear families apart. Even with all of that risk, the reward is sweet enough that love tends to ultimately be The Thing We Want the Most.

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