Premiere + Track By Track: Moonfall – ‘Empty Cage EP’

Bursting with incredible vocal melodies and infectious rhythmic structures, pop/rock band Moonfall are preparing to release their newest EP, Empty Cage. Opening with “Awake,” the trio immediately display what makes their music enticing and pleasurable. Multiple melodic lines, whether from the vocal deliveries or the various instruments crashing through the atmosphere, are meshed together with intricacy. yet, each note from the synthesizers, the piano and the guitars beautifully back the syncopated hooks. Moonfall’s ability to take a motif and transform it through different instruments and forms for the entirety of “Lost” showcases their songwriting capability. While a bit more frantic of a track, it is a highlight of syncopation and harmonies on Empty Cage.

While many of the songs on Empty Cage feature constant pulses of decadent movements, the opening of both “Colorless” and “Empty Cage” are delicate experience. The band hold their tension in on the former before the cataclysmic synth crash takes over the song and transforms it’s rather quiet opening into a bouncy, booming atmosphere. The latter remains serene throughout, playing like a ballad until the final refrain. These two songs lead into a soaring exit with “Echobreak,” with screaming guitar melodies and a satisfying bass line that bellows underneath, providing a running pace. It’s a heartfelt touch to the six song release.

New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive stream to Empty Cage, while also having Moonfall go in depth about the songs on the release with this exclusive track by track. Listen to the EP below and read about this incredible release that is out on November 3rd via Cooking Vinyl/Outerloop Records.

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We all thought this song was the obvious way for us to start this EP. The vocals and guitar chanting the melody together just felt very impactful, and we wanted to kick this record off with a bang. We were trying to give off the feeling of falling asleep and waking up over and over, so we structured the song to alternate between really soft verses and a driving chorus. It’s really fun to play live. The song was written from a very helpless perspective, and talks about finding ways to help others around you when you desperately need help yourself… when you want to be better but can’t find the strength, until you learn to focus on the things you care about that are still in your grasp.

“Fade Away”
“Fade Away” deals with being stuck in the moments you don’t want to leave behind, replaying scenes in your head because you’re afraid they’ll be forgotten. Because it is hard to understand how fragile your life can be, people often spiral out of control when it suddenly changes and step all over the shattered pieces which leaves them hurt and in pain. If you don’t take things for granted and realize how easily they could be broken before they break, you’ll be able to step around them when they do, and slowly pick up the pieces. The dynamic between the bass, drums and guitar is something we’ve come to really like. Working together to make sure all our parts were audible but still fit with each other was a great experience, especially in the verses. We wanted to make sure not to over-saturate with instruments, so it’s a little instrumentally bare compared to what we usually play. That space is filled with a heavily distorted bass that contrasts the delicate soundscape.

We wrote “Lost” from a very chaotic perspective. It’s a very familiar feeling, when you lose something important and can’t let it go, you feel lost because of that. We tried to infuse the song with the unpredictability of having an overactive mind that is very unclear. It’s always hard to separate wanting to be free from not wanting to say goodbye, and in that headspace those feelings haunt you wherever you go. It can take so long to break out of that. Time moves at the same pace for everyone, but it’s how a person reacts to the passing of time that allows it to have such power over us. If you walk hand in hand with it, as it leads you through the course of your life, you’ll eventually find the beauty in every painful experience. If you obsess over what has been and cling to it tightly, time will have no choice but to drag you violently through the course of your life, without a chance to be at peace with your past. Both the past and future are unreachable distances from where we are, and always looking across the insurmountable distance beyond you mostly just leaves you empty. Life is hard to live outside the present moment, and once you are finally able to draw on your strength, that haunting feeling leaves you to find what you are looking for. We had a lot of fun working on the video for this song with our director Chris Newhard, and experimenting with crazy ideas that were almost dream-like. Trying to live up to the energy of this song wasn’t easy, but definitely interesting.

“Colorless” is a song about things becoming so muddled that you have a hard time feeling them. It’s about wanting to live a different life than the one you have… waiting for the moment that you break down but it doesn’t come because people have a way of persevering through the toughest obstacles and keep going. The song uses a lot of electronic instruments on the base of a simple acoustic guitar line. We all really like the contrast it creates. We structured it more like an EDM song while keeping the edge of our rock roots, and it gives it just enough of a push. The overdriven guitars lend themselves to the feeling of trying to break free while nothing is keeping you down but yourself.

“Empty Cage”
“Empty Cage” was the first song we wrote for this EP. We’ve had the concept for it for a long time now. It’s the softest song we’ve released to date, and we’re happy to be able to play something like this live, because it really changes the atmosphere of the show. The story told in this song revolves around the difficulty people have understanding each other, and slowly collecting scars and regrets when you realize you would’ve done things differently after it’s too late. It also talks about having to keep things inside, and the inability to share who you are with others. We get hurt when we think someone has wronged us, and enter a cycle of getting back at each other. But in the end we are the ones who hurt ourselves the most, and what we hate in others ends up being what we see in ourselves. Revenge is something that both feeds itself and is fed itself, and it doesn’t grow full. It rotates around its own axis. I’ve seen many people unable to let go of that misplaced anger, but it’s only when you do that you can really move on.

“Echobreak” is a song about the power of memory. It uses the perspective of someone who has passed away, watching the crumbling effect their absence has left on their loved one. The journey of dealing with loss is viewed by that person we yearned for, as they are free and untouched by the agony. Memories are the only thing they left behind. They urge you to use it in order to move on and live. The instruments are telling an aggressive story that leaves you with the feeling of resolution, the one we get after getting through an obstacle that almost leaves us breathless.


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