Punktendo: The Video Games You Deserve

You might have heard the name Jeff Hong if you’ve been on the internet in the last year or so. He’s responsible for those “Disney Unhappily Ever After” illustrations that were being circulated a few months back. Well we just discovered that this Brooklyn based Storyboard Artist has a website devoted to flash games centered around punk icons! Punktendo (Punktendo.com) is rad. You’ll need to download the NESbox (nesbox.com) companion plugin for Adobe Flash in order to play through your browser, but it’s totally worth it to play games like “The Original Gay Popeye,” “Fat Mike’s Golf” and “Milo Fu.” Kick back and have some fun. And remember if your boss catches you and gets on your ass about it, give that fucker a double middle finger/Stone Cold Stunner combo, chug a beer and continue playing “Super Mikey Erg!” because you deserve it. Oh hell yeah!

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