Rivals Tour Diary #1

Rivals are a band that needs to be on everyone’s radar. Their live show is electrifying and their music is charged with energy. Earlier this year the group released their latest stunner of a record, Damned Soul. The record is full of vivacious hooks, twisting melodies and heavy emotional waves. The group have attracted a ton of press lately, jumping on tour with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. New Noise Magazine is pleased to have Rivals dig into their lives on the road with this exclusive tour diary series!

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We are about to head out for our last leg with our good friends in The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus from 7/12-8/5 and we cannot be anymore excited.

The last few months with them have honestly been such a blast, the crowds and the environment is such a peaceful place, Were so lucky to have our first big tour be with such cool people. The fans have been so amazing also, we’ve made so many new friends because of these shows and thats the best thing out of this all in my opinion.

I think one of my favorite memories so far, is the 2nd day into the 1st leg, our van broke down. The RJA guys came got us in their sprinter, we all smashed into it and drove up to Big Bear, which is like a super windy road. I kept having this anxiety that the whole vehicle was going to tip over at any point lol, but it’s a memory I won’t forget. One other is playing our first sold out show, that feel is something I don’t think I could ever forget, first night of tour and we played to a packed room.

We have been super lucky as well because we’ve been getting some hotels and have spent a lot of time sitting by pools on our days off which has been amazing.

Now as we prep to leave, I’m thinking about how right now is such a crazy point for us because we’ve been so busy not only with touring but we’ve started writing again for LP2, so we spent the last month or so just writing as much as we could. Now were about to hit the road and spend our off days in hotels writing this time, which is an environment we’ve never written in so I’m excited to see what type of art we come up with.

Hope to see everyone out on the road!

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