S!ege: 5 Songs To Request At A Holiday Party So You Can Come Out Of Your Shell and Socialize For Once, Goddamnit

New Noise Magazine is preparing for the holiday spirit. Whether that means awkward holiday parties with coworkers (sometimes called friends) or family members, it’s a time of year where wandering out to “socialize” with these strangers (or not) and see that they can have a more “fun” side to them is a bit daunting. Maybe you’re the type of person that thrives at parties because it’s a time to be free of molds or norms. Maybe you have to host a party and are sweating at the thought of planning it. Regardless of the situation, S!ege — a Portland, Oregon band that released a wicked awesome and dynamically groovy single “Tuesday Blues” earlier this year — are here to help.

This time of year is a rough time for parties. Chances are, only the most outgoing (alcoholic) of your friends will still throw them, and you’ll still RSVP because you feel obligated to combat your seasonal affective disorder somehow (and it gives you a decent reason to shower). In the event that you actually make it out, instead of copping a weak excuse last minute (Oh man, I forgot I’m dog sitting tonight, so bummed I can’t make it), here are 5 non-holiday songs for you to put on and stick it out instead of leaving after your first whiskey-eggnog.

Billie Eilish – My Boy
This song is chill enough that you can sing along in your head while pretending to hold a conversation, but enough of a banger that people will notice that you put it on and appreciate your hip taste in music.

Portugal. The Man – Evil Friends
Let’s be clear: it’s the host’s job to play party songs and hits that everyone knows. You’re here to sneak in the deep cuts that make you feel like you might still be a person. Yeah, you could play PTM’s “Feel it Still” but it’s probably already on any self-respecting hipster’s playlist. 2012’s Evil Friends is my depressive party anthem, and queuing it up insinuates that while you know that the band might be the lords of Portland, they moved there from Alaska.

K.Flay – Champagne
Another “bad decisions anthem” that will help ease your party anxiety and increase your egg nog consumption. Bonus points if you can rap the 2nd verse. No one else at the party will be impressed, but I will be.

Kesha – Woman
Kesha has been through a lot these past few years. If she can gleefully sing the lyrics “loosey as a goosey and I’m looking for some fun” after the shit she’s seen – you can at least get off the couch and shake your ass.

Cardi B – Bodak Yellow
OK – so I know I said it’s not your job to play hits, but this is an exception. This is my Hail Mary of ice breakers. I’ve literally turned nights around just by singing along to this song with strangers. Just, for fuck’s sake, don’t sing along to the “n-word” if you’re not black.

Listen to the playlist here!

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