Strains May Be 2015’s Best New Band

By Erin Jordan

Arising from Crewe, UK and mastering a sound mimicking that of old Fugazi and inspiration coming from Title Fight and Basement, Strains have my prediction of being 2015’s best new band. I was so excited when my boyfriend showed me them, finding them on a subreddit called “Listen to this.” Currently, their only two singles offered on Bandcamp were released in December of 2014 and I can’t help but beg them to release a full length right now.

Their grunge-emo and almost hardcore sound, paired with fast, punk drum fills and Finn’s memorable accent screaming lyrics makes you urge for more. And they’re just a bunch of kids! Lead singer Finn Chilton is only 17 years old, and Tom Ward playing lead guitar is the eldest of them all, a mere 18 years old. When asked where they draw their inspiration, I was told that skate culture has always been a big influence. Being young and growing up in the UK, starting a punk band isn’t all that easy, and to have something to bring it all together such as skate really does help. When listening to their B-side single “China White,” the lyrics sung are full of passionate cries and meaningful tragedy.

“I might get up one day, until then I’ll be fine…
I leave myself to drown, always on top but I fall down…”

The feeling of defeat, as though you are constantly being set back and never able to achieve what you set out to do is something that I always felt when I was sixteen and seventeen and eighteen, but could never relate it to anything. It’s hard when you are young, trying to convey these feelings into something so universal that anyone listening to it will think, “man, this guy’s got it rough. I feel for him,” but somehow, these lads in Strains did it.

Keep your eyes and ears open for this summer, when Strains is hoping to release an EP full of sweet melodies. Until then, I will be listening to their pair of Bandcamp singles everyday and looking forward to the months ahead.

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